My First Blog

I am really happy to have found this site. I don’t know any type 1 diabetics in real life, (and have personally never met another T1 diabetic female) so I am always a little surprised when I see so many of us in one place.
I have been following Dr. Faustman’s research, and through that found, and now here I am.
So I am in excellent spirits this morning.

On Tuesday, I went to see my new Endocrinologist.
This man was heaven sent,
he basically told me that I am doing really well for someone who has had T1 for 19 years.
I was scared going into this appointment because I just switched health plans,
and the doctor I am to see regularly for refills and such (an M.D. not an Endo),
basically scared me to death.
The M.D. asked me if I was on any renal drugs, and I said no, I have never had any type of kidney problems.
Then this M.D. went on and on about how it was unheard of to be a diabetic for this long and not be on renal drugs,
even if they were just preventive.
Being a hermit I know I miss out on a lot in the world,
but I think I would have heard something about this if it had truth it in.
The M.D. also went on about how I should be on a whole host of medication, that I knew was meant for T2.
I didn’t ask the M.D. for any of this info it was unloaded on to me and it was all incorrect.
So while I was with the Endo I asked him (without naming names or pointing fingers) if I should be worried about renal failure.
He said that renal failure happens in 35% of type 1 diabetic (that part I knew),
and if doesn’t happen within 15 years it probably won’t(this part I didn’t), given the diabetic stays in good control.
I didn’t even bother with the running by the frivolous meds the M.D. suggested I take.
So I left his office feeling pretty good, and pretty stupid for letting that M.D. get the best of me for a month.

I am practitioner of non violence, veganism, and hermitry, so confrontation isn’t my thing.
My next appointment with the M.D. isn’t something I am looking forward too,
however it must be done.
I feel I need to bring up the issues I had with our last appointment,
however I don’t want to seem high and mighty, and talk down to this person.

The main thing I want to get across to this M.D. (and many others I have seen),
is that they need to realize there is a big gap between the two types of diabetes.
Just because you are a doctor doesn’t mean you have the human body all it’s systems and functions memorized,
and it is alright to admit when you don’t know much about a disease that isn’t your specialty.
You don’t have to smile,
you don’t even have to care,
just sign the prescriptions for insulin, lancets, and strips please.

Other than the M.D. situation life has been pretty calm.
Once again I am very happy and thankful to have found this site.

LOL!!! You go girl!!! Tell the M.D. he needs to be educated…:slight_smile: Welcome, I like your blog.

Welcome Mrs. C! This was a great read. Just for the record I have been T1 for 27 years and my younger is sister is right behind me at 23 years and neither one of us are on renal medication. What a bag of wind!

Welcome Mrs. C, from another Mrs. C! I hit the 16 year mark this past week, and the only meds I’m on are insulin and levothyroxin for my hypothyroidism. Your doctor needs to see more T1’s doing well!