My first encounter with an uneducated person

So July 1st was my first day off of training at my new job. Well I guess we could call it a second job to make some extra money. I am a server. So it was going well until one of my tables noticed my pump on my arm, and was brave enough to ask me what it was, which is fine with me. I love telling people what it is. So I explain that I am diabetic and it is my insulin pump, and the lady says “oh you really are diabetic!” I reply with " yep I sure am, really have been for 17 years"

I wish one day I could just pretend I really wasnt diabetic.

I guess it could have been worse, the look on her face made me feel like I was bad or wrong

Poor Linzie for being Diabetic, No not poor Linzie! I am living a happy, healthy life!!! Hell its difficult as hell sometimes but I wont complain one bit.

Have a great day everyone, educate someone today!

<3 Linzie

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I know this feeling. When I tell people about the pump, they always say “woah so your diabetes is really serious”. I try to convince them that diabetes is serious. Period.

Way to edcuate :slight_smile:

OK, misspelling the word “educate” is ironic :slight_smile:

Really?!? Viper venom-- I must try it!! :wink:

Great attitude Linzie… way to NOT be a victim :slight_smile: Own it, don’t let it own you.