My First Flu

I feel like diabetes has turned me into a child. I need to learn how to do basic things again. Today, I’m learning how to have the flu!

Yesterday I started feeling groggy. I nearly fell asleep in the car, because I was too tired to get out of it and walk into my house! I had a sore throat. My sugar levels are higher. This morning I woke up with dripping nose and yellow mucous (always delightful). My body has been aching. I’m the only secretary at work at the moment, so I can’t take any sick leave. I decided I needed to be proactive.

I went to the doctor, who took it very seriously indeed! She’s prescribed me an antibiotic, a painkiller (I’m going to save it for my period, because I don’t need it now), an antihistamine and pseudoephedrine pill for my sinuses, and a nasal spray. Like the good diabetic I have learned to be, I’m not taking her word for it that these things are safe for me and am googling the side effects. Turns out the antihistamine and pseudoephedrine pill will raise my sugars, although she’s given me the extended release version so it won’t spike (hence I’m considering adding a unit of Lantus).

I guess there’s nothing else to do, but stay warm, rest, drink plenty of fluids, watch the sugar levels and guess insulin doses. Wish me luck!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Feel better! Chicken soup’s the way to go - the Jewish penecillin, we call it :slight_smile:

Get well soon,wished if I was around to send you soup ( Jewish penicillin )

I’m a diabetic voice teacher, so I deal with nasty throats and mucous often. My best advice is to invest in a humidifier to run while you sleep or do anything that involves steam - boil water, hot showers, etc). Steam and cool mist helps loosen thick mucous. Saline nasal sprays (non-medicated) are a great alternative or addition to the steroidal nasal spray you’ve been prescribed. You can use it every five minutes if you want because all it is salt water. The prescription nasal spray could possibly raise your sugars, but often it’s the most effective of the different things you’ve described.

I’m also a fan of Mucinex. It is an OTC expectorant-only medicine. I personally don’t notice sugar side effects from it and like that it’s a huge dose of only what I need and not the antihistamine and decongestant as well - which tend to make me drowsy and less aware of my blood sugars.