My latest A1C (and why)


I visited my endo today. When I last saw her my A1C was 8.2 (WTF??).

This time I was looking forward to a better result. And I really didn’t want to wait for the normal week or so it takes to get results. So I asked her if I could get an instant read.

So while we continued to talk about ratios and Symlin and stuff, someone came and took a sample for the A1C tester. Interesting capillary action on the test ‘stick’.

A few minutes later the nurse came back. My doctor said we ‘didn’t want to know if the result was bad’.

And it was…7.0 !!!

This is the best number I’ve had for a while (maybe several years). I could only thank God for stuff coming together to help me get the number.

My goal for October? To get it down to 6.5.

I think the biggest two factors that have helped me get it down that far are:

  1. The Dexcom 3 STS. I hope that moving to the Dexcom SEVEN will make it even easier/better.
  2. More aggressive use of Symlin. I'm experimenting with it at breakfast until I get it right for that meal. Right now I'm up to 12 units before breakfast, versus 5 units about a month ago. That definitely reduces the high there.

I don't think this is a random thing, and I'm hoping that October will bear me out.


That’s great news!

You might even be lower. The two times I used the old “A1c Now” test, which I think is the test that the doctors still use in office, it came in higher than the lab.

Another friend of mine recently dropped her A1c almost 1% thanks to the Dexcom, too. Some day we’ll probably wonder how anyone got control testing “only” ten times a day.


AWESOME, Bernard!!! Congratulations.


Effectiveness is the only measurement of truth (well, some of the time).
What joy when our efforts are rewarded with good results.
Bask and savor.


congrats! :slight_smile:


Wow! Way to go man!


Yay! Good for you!!!


Great news! You must be living right!


I have yet to do an A1C. its gonna happen soon… I wonder what its going to be. But 7! wow. I’m hoping mine is not 10. Congratulations! I’ll be trying my best to catch up to you.


oooh well done Bernard! Now the frustrating yet fascinating thing about being connected to you US folks is hearing about all the technology you have that we don’t (In Australia). I must find out more about this Dexcom device. Anything that brings us closer to taking the diabetic out of the loop is the technology for me :slight_smile: MA