7.8 - I'm on my way

Ok. I saw my endo yesterday and to say that I am not filled with dread when I do this - well, that would be a complete lie. I think I have the best endo in the world - he actually talks to me and is encouraging and often, my doctor visits last about 30 minutes, when before, I was out in about 15 minutes or so with my other doctor. (Anyone in the Dallas area - Jonathan Leffert is the best endo in the world)!

But, I digress. I got my A1C done on Tuesday, the day before my appointment. My last one was a 8.9 - not good at all, but considering this time last year I was a 14 - great improvement. I had purposely gotten the test done a day before my appointment so that my doctor would get it AFTER my 9:40 appointment. No such luck. As soon as he downloaded my bs's, his nurse walked in and placed the Quest Lab form on his desk.

Imagine my surprise when he said "Your A1c is a 7.8". I was floored, speechless and grinning like an idiot. I know that is not great, but for me, it was phenomenal! Even though I'm still experiencing some complications from my diabetes (I have to do the 24 Hour Pee Test - if you've never done it, it's a pain) because of some potential damage to my kidneys and I am having laser surgery again on Friday, but a small glimmer of "yes, I CAN control this" crept into me on yesterday.


That’s great news that you have things headed in the right direction!

Fantastic! Way to go!

And yes, those 24 hour collections are… challenging. Hard to be inconspicuous when you are lugging around a jug of … It is a great conversation starter! NOT!!!


Fantastic A1c! That is quite a drop! You are definitely on your way… DOWN! Yeah!

All right! I do believe you’re headed in the right direction. Keep at it, it only gets better. And also, it’s not so important that you be able to eat and drink whatever you want. Even “normal” people can’t do that and stay healthy.

Stay on track and you’ll be just fine.

Fantastic news!! Very well done!

Congrats on your new numbers. My A1c is 13 but not for long. Iwas without medical insurance for 6 months. I moved from California last year and left my job of 13 years, and found myself without medical insurance. i found a free clinic but they only carry you for a few months. So with the power of god and prayer I have made it. I even lost 20 pounds because I was sick from not having my meds. I’m a full figure girl I went from 235lbs to 215lbs so I started working out every other day, so I could maintain my weight loss. I love myself and so glad to have found this community of wonderful people that share my diabetic life. God Bless!