"My Mother..."

“She Died At The Age Of 36…Not So Long Ago…She Wasn’t My Real Mom…Biological Mother That Is…But Did Adopt Me At The Age Of One…She Past Away A Couple Of Years Ago…She Patti…Worked For Dean Witter Renoylds…Now Morgan Stanley…She Had Been Working There Since She Was 16…Yes 16…I Miss Her And Never Got To Tell Her How Much I Love (d) Her etc…Or Thank You…It Happened So Fast…In The Blink Of An Eye…She Was Tired…Some Of You May Know What I Mean…Always Drinking Coca-Cola And Eating Peppermint Patties…”

She knew brother, she was your mother… moms know that crap. Biology has nothing to do with it, she was your mom

You are beautiful person to share the love of your mother with us.God bless her soul.

Aww Kyle she loved you very much and I know she knew you loved her. I have 2 adopted daughters and the love I have for them is no different then the love I have for the daughter I gave birth to. I know they love me also.
Love who you can now and be loved

I've just read it...and I'm so sorry to know of the loss of your mom....it hurts no matter how long ago it's been since
her passing. She was your REAL mom Kyle. Though you didn't grow in her womb....you grew in her heart. She chose YOU. Fear not....she knew and knows how much her son loves her.
My 2 now grown children are adopted, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY anyone could love them more than I do. My love for them is beyond grasp, and I know they love me the same way. Bless you Kyle, and know that she is watching over you. ♥