My "non-D" friends don't understand

ok…so my friends don’t have any idea of how this is for me…I know, I know poor me! ha…anyway…

I don’t really know how to BLOG…is it like a diary? is it a place to complain? Is it a place to post your Hopes, Strengths, Experience?

Ok…I’m a Type 2 on 20 mcg/ day byetta and up to 2000mg/ day metformin per day. Don’t know if that’s “normal” of not. Is there a normal?
I haven’t been taking my meds or taking care of myself lately. Now-my feet hurt and burn ALL the time…and my depression has gotten worse.
I just don’t know what normal is or isn’t and I’m so glad to find this group. I had been praying for people to come along that understand and now I think I have…

i soo under stand what you mean about how your friends don’t get it. My friends ask me questions about diabetes but when i try to explain to them i can see in their faces that they really don’t care. Thats why i like this website. Don’t lose hope and do your best taking care of your self. Hopefully we can find a cure soon!
-Sydney =)

Not many people still know how to use newsgroups (something older than the internet). But here’s a collection of advice on diabetes gathered by those who have over the last few years:

thanks Robert and Sydney!

Tammy, don’t feel down on yourself… There is no particular ‘normal,’ when it comes to treatments and Diabetes. Many of us respond so differently, we each have to follow different things to take care of it. It’s hard to find the motivation to care for yourself when you feel so misunderstood, and you feel like you aren’t ‘normal.’ Rest assured many, many people with Type 2 are on one or more various medications to help fight. Many folks low carb, and they still have to take their meds, and there’s nothing ‘abnormal’ about that… We are all the same in that we are all different. As for me, I’m a Type 2, and I have to low carb, and exercise 4 times a week to keep control. I am not on any meds, yet… but I probably would’ve been put on some, had I been diagnosed by an Endo, and not a GP. As soon as you find your motivation, I can almost guarantee you your hurt and burn, and even your depression… will go down to a very minimum. But you have to keep going; keep trying… Don’t give up. We’re all in the same boat. :slight_smile:

Nope. There is no real normal, I think… just what is normal for you. I think a lot of people tell us how to be all the time in real life, so this space is for whatever you need it to be… I hope you feel better soon and find the support you need here or elsewhere online :slight_smile:

I totally understand what you are going through Tammy… it is hard for some of our friends to understand what we are going through…I bet you may also be tired of explaining…LOL
You are doing just great on blogging. Blogging can be anything that speaks your mind…diary, venting, what ever it is you wish to share. And we would love to hear from you =) Because that is something that we all share around here.
Yes it is normal…management of diabetes varies and may be unique to an individual. When I started, I had a combination of glimiperide and metformin.
One thing I would suggest though… you should take your meds and do take care of yourself. There is so much wonderful things in store for us out there =) Depression sometimes aggravate our situation too. relax…youre not alone.
Im so glad you found this group. One thing I can assure you, you are and will be in your most normal self around here…wink

we’re glad you joined us! if you click on Blogs on the top banner, you can see what others here have written. Like Teena says, it can be a diary, a vent, or maybe, a triumph, a light-bulb moment, a thanksgiving. We also enjoy each other’s art here, and would love to see pictures! I know you are an artist, and we understand the power of making art as a way to cope.

With diabetes there is no normal, only targets and goals we set for ourselves. I mean this to be an encouragement, don’t compare yourself to others. Be who you are, and share yourself with others whatever it is you wish to share. There is going to be someone out there who is right where you are, and understands.

With diabetes there are consequences for us if we do not take care of ourselves (I’ve experinced a lot of them including burning in my feet). Try not to look at them as a burden, punishment or sentence on your life. Instead think of them as reminders from your body asking you to take better care of yourself. With time your body will say “thank you”.

I read a quote that I like to think about when I beat myself up, goes like this:
Don’t let your yesterday use up too much of today. (Cherokee Indian Proverb)

I think you are doing great. Share how you feel and you’ll see how many people probably feel the same way. I am new here too and am just so relieved at how supportive and nonjudgmental everyone is.

This site can help you out alot. I had some of the same problems, my friends tell me “You don’t look like a Diabetic.” But theres alot of good people here that BTDT take care.