People thinking diabetics can be normal and that it not a big deal

I was reading some post about being t1 and still being normal and I have t1 and I got it later in life when i was 28 and now Iam 32 and there are some big changes being made checking carbs blood ketones when sick bg sky rockets when sick takes longer to get over it going out never works right carbs are always way off either way to high way to low and a lot of doctors are blind to the diabetes unless you go to an endo and all the people you know no nothing about it and it either no big deal or they can cure that will a pill or stop eating sop much sugar bs I always get asked about it from people i go out with to lunch or dinner oit a classic when they see me set my pump do you want a cookie. my life is not back to normal not even close

Well, I was never normal to begin with, but I agree -- once you have diabetes, it will never be the same again. And much as they care about you, your friends and family will never really understand what's going on in your mind all the time. So, since we KNOW it will never be the same, we have to create a new normal for US, because we can't let diabetes control our lives. It's just something to be coped with, but as Kerri Sparling says, it does not DEFINE us. There is much more to life than diabetes -- find it, and enjoy it! :-)

I completely understand what you are saying in this post. I was diagnosed 6 days before my 32nd birthday and though those who care about me try to understand, for instance when I have a severe low in their presence and need fast acting carbs but they look at me like I'm a lazy bum when I can't do all the things I used to do because I'm trying to rebound from a severe low they weren't around to witness and I have to sleep it off. My energy level altogether is down and I don't even say anything when I'm not feeling well and can't go to events because I don't want to be known as the person that's always sick or tired.

Iam sorry to here are you still honeymooning i went thru that for a long time Iam not a fan of the low shakey feeling and know what your talking about with the family but just remember your heath is more important than what people think and i had it happen so often i started eating more complex carbs with protien with my tabs seem to help out alot.

sorry are u still honeymooning missspell

nice to know there other people that feel the same way thank you

I got t-1 when I was 55yo. That was 13 years ago. What you basically need to realize is what you are living is your "new normal." Not like the old one, but the one you will have to live with for the rest of your life. You really can't expect other people to know what you can and cannot eat or anything about your pump. We (diabetics) live in our own world, one where the only people we can expect to understand what we are feeling or how we must live are other diabetics, like the people on this site. You can complain and rant on this site and we will still be your friend.