My OM5 PDM constantly searching for BG readings, yet

my iPhone seems to have no problem keeping a decent connection with the Dexcom G6. The PDM alarmed in the middle of the night last night to inform me it wasn’t receiving BG readings, yet my phone, which was right beside the PDM, showed a current reading. This seems to happen fairly often when I go to bolus and have to wait for my BG reading to update. Hopefully, when iOS compatibility is released, the phone will continue to have a reliable connection to the BG monitor.

If the O5, the pod, cannot connect to the G6 transmitter the auto mode will stop working (see the manual, IRC around page 1001…) So the pod has to connect to the G6 transmitter and if they are not in line-of-sight they have difficulty, great difficulty.

This is why the instructions suggest putting the G6 transmitter on the abdomen (the only approved location, so no choice) and the pod on the thigh (a highly accessible location that in my experience with Dash and Eros pods results in near instantaneous detachment.)

Get inventive with the locations. I could tell you a whole load that work but that’s not permitted; use your imagination. Just maintain line-of-sight between the two.

A third alternative (sic) is to give up on the direct connection (pod to transmitter) and rely on an intermediary. This is certainly more risky; now your BG relies on connecting to, pretty much, a "smart"phone, and they are really, really dumb. But LoS is easier; this is what I’m doing, I used Dash pods controlled from said dumbphone, a G6 transmitter also controlled from the same 'phone and a program which I shall not name to connect the two.

Nice idea Insulet; a very nice idea. Wrong frequency.

Hey Jim,

Since the Omnipod 5 and the Dexcom G6 communicate directly in automatic mode, I find no need to have both the PDM and my iPhone by my bedside. I’ll keep one, depending on which one has the higher charge, but it’s also possible to have both off. I have not experienced the need for strict line of sight between the G6 sensor and the pod. I use the backs of my arms for both, sometimes on the same side, sometimes on opposite sides.