My Omnipods always tear and start to fall off, this has me VERY discouraged..ideas?

They always tear and fall off, I don’t have fat except on my thighs, I can’t use my stomach area as a site any longer. I kept my minimed and have to keep going back to it.

many people have said they use some kind of “skin tac”. you should look at the omnipod group. there is a lot of advice and suggestions there. best of luck!

I’ve only had one pod that tore off, not completely off. I would recommend the iv prep. I would also recommend not putting the pod on until the alcohol dry’s first. Check out the Omnipod group. If you need more information let me know. I


Have you tried securing it with extra tape?

The fabric literally tears, I had to put an Ace bandage around my leg to keep it on. Is this always going to be a problem?

I use the skin tak and iv prep, the fabric tape is really hard to remove from my skin, this is a pic of the tear

Get a script for IV3000 or tegaderm. They can go over the entire site and will keep the pod from coming loose when you are getting the hang of a new spot for a site. It will get better as you get used to the pod location. My son uses the back of the arm … no additional tape needed. You can also use the back, and upper butt, just above the belt line.

When we started with the OmniPod, I found that Caleb’s Pods would start to peel away by the third day. They didn’t fall off or anything, but they were not as secure. We were trained to use IV Prep. I was later told NOT to use the IV Prep. We only use alcohol to clean the site and we wait for it do dry. For Caleb, this has worked perfectly. I think skin types vary, so what works for one person may not work for another.

I was also counseled by a PWD to use a drying soap like Irish Spring. This was someone who had adherence issues bc they worked outside in the heat and therefore would sweat. I never got to the point of needing to do this, but it might be worth a shot.


When I was on the Omnipod before switching back to MM I used mastisol under the pod against the fabric that kept it from ripping for me.

The only time mine have teared is usually due to me not being careful. I ran through a doorway to catch the phone the other night and tore it completely off my arm. Another time I was talking with my Security serviceman while he was working and I was just talking with my hands moving for emphasis and ripped it loose from my stomach. Having a pump is a life changinng event wheather it has a tube or not.