I need a Utility Belt!

Like the one my husband, who is part of the line repair guys that drive a bucket truck and has a big old tool belt : )

OK, Maybe not that bad, but it finally happened today. After getting a great new haircut, style and color, I’m walking in a parking lot, and someone walking towards me actually says "hey, I think you need 1 more cell phone!!

Talk about embarassing, my dex, animas pump and cell phone were all hanging from my pockets. I know it’s not pretty, but I really can’t go rummaging through my purse looking for whatever it is that is beeping or vibrating at me!

Maybe a spibelt would work, but I don’t think I can actually bring myself to wear one, even under bulky winter clothes!

How do you guys deal with all the gear? When I’m out, I like have fast access to all of these things, but it’s really quite the fashion statement to have them all hanging from my pockets-NOT!

I hang my pump from my belt loops using MP3 player cases or the Clip’n’go. I think it’s less noticeable when it dangles at the side or back. I find it gets in the way less than when I wore it in my pocket. Now I only buy pants with belt loops!

A double pocket spibelt may be a good option too, though I agree that the more accessible the better.

I only buy cargo pants! My iPhone goes in the leg pocket, my dex in my left pocket, and my mm pump goes in the right pocket. I just recently got the dex… I had plenty of pockets before.

I really like capri’s in the summer that have the extra pockets- Not to much in the way of womans casual clothing aside from capris that has those handy extra pockets built in-Good thing you’re a guy Mike, LOL. Once again, men WIN in the fashion wars, wish I only had to decide between polo or button down shirts, loafers or lace up shoes for work every day ; )

Try WalMart in the electronics area. Camera cases and cell phone pouches.