Pump in toilet?

Pumping soon for the first time. I’m already visualizing placement of the pump on or in my clothes. Where do you put your pump in preparation of pulling your pants down? I thought about clipping it to the shirt tail while doing my business. The pump could slip off and into the toilet. Where do you put your pump while fumbling around? I really don’t want to flush $5,000 down the drain. LOL. Any ideas for a newbie? Thanks, Sid.

I keep mine clipped to my pants or I shove it in my bra, obviously, you don’t have the option for your bra, but maybe clipping it to your shoulder area may work.

How about clipping it to your opening for your neck on your shirt? I sometimes do that when I sleep and have pants on that are not heavy enough to hold up my pump.

Your pocket of your shirt?

I always stuck it in my pants pocket or, if I didn’t have those, on the floor (I tried to get extra long tubing, so it would fit).

My son took his off everytime he goes to the bathroom. One doesn’t really stay in there for an hour - is it worth the risk?

I wear mine in my pants pocket, it works fine!

I just came on here to brag about my new pump accessory and saw your post :slight_smile: I just bought a “Spibelt” (www.spibelt.com). It came in the mail today and I’m thoroughly impressed!! I think I spent like twenty bucks on it and got free shipping. They come in all sorts of sizes. I’ve had my pump for a month and had been clipping it to my belt the whole time. Well three days ago I broke the clip when the pump got caught while I was getting in the car. I never liked it on my pants because of what you said, you pull your pants down and it falls or it pulls the inset out of your skin! Well the Spibelt has this soft belt like thing that you clip around your waist. It’s stretchy so I guess it would fit all sizes (although I have about a 33 inch waist and I’m not sure how comfortable it would be if someone were quite larger than myself) Anyway the part the pump goes in is made of a really stretchy material so it will fit pretty much any pump you could have AND it’ll hold the extra tubing (Thank God! I was so tired of finding a place for that stuff!) and I’m pretty sure I could fit some other random things in the pouch if I wanted to :slight_smile: Best part is…it’s comfortable enough to fit around my waist right above my pants so when I drop my drawers for the bathroom or changing, it doesn’t go anywhere! Highly recommended. And if you buy the black one with the orange zipper they donate a dollar to triabetes.org! :slight_smile:

Cassie - that “Spibelt” is so neat. I’ll have to see if I can get it here in Canada - if not - I’ll use one of my American mates addresses to have it shipped (it costs an arm and a leg sometimes to ship from your country to ours along with paying custom duties - tho’ this is made in America - I’m telling you high way robbery man - free trade - me thinkest NOT).

Oh Sidney - sorry off track here - I just clip it to my pants - so far - hasn’t done the ol’ Olympic dive into the porcelain Goddess!

Most of the time it stays clipped to my pants, but occasionally I clip it somewhere on my shirt especially for loose pajama type pants that dont hold the pump weight well when untied. Here’s to hoping all our pumps stay outta the toilet!!!