Spibelt Pump Holder

I don’t know if I heard about this on here for happened upon it in my extensive search for a way to hold my insulin pump but…I just bought a “Spibelt” (www.spibelt.com). It came in the mail today and I’m thoroughly impressed!! I think I spent like twenty bucks on it and got free shipping. They come in all sorts of sizes. I’ve had my pump for a month and had been clipping it to my belt the whole time. Well three days ago I broke the clip when the pump got caught while I was getting in the car. I never liked it on my pants because you pull your pants down and it falls or it pulls the inset out of your skin! Well the Spibelt has this soft belt like thing that you clip around your waist. It’s stretchy so I guess it would fit all sizes (although I have about a 33 inch waist and I’m not sure how comfortable it would be if someone were quite larger than myself) Anyway the part the pump goes in is made of a really stretchy material so it will fit pretty much any pump you could have AND it’ll hold the extra tubing (Thank God! I was so tired of finding a place for that stuff!) and I’m pretty sure I could fit some other random things in the pouch if I wanted to :slight_smile: Best part is…it’s comfortable enough to fit around my waist right above my pants so when I drop my drawers for the bathroom or changing, it doesn’t go anywhere! Highly recommended. And if you buy the black one with the orange zipper they donate a dollar to triabetes.org! :slight_smile:

Here’s a pic…wish I could say that was my stomach but unfortunately it’s just from the website :slight_smile: And anyway…if my stomach looked like that how on earth would I find so many places to use for my infusion sets? :wink: Haha keep tellin yourself that, Cassie! :slight_smile:
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I just bought one (the black and orange) for my runs. I was getting sick of carrying my meter and glucose tabs in the meter case. I love it. I can fit a lot of stuff and it doesn’t move too much.
It never even occurred to me to put my pump in it during my runs. I usually just put Petey between the girls.

lol I tried it “between the girls” but my job has me sweating all day and it didn’t feel comfortable there even if I had it in a sock or something :slight_smile:

I love the Spibelts!!! I have three actually. Two one pouch belts, and one double pouch belt. I use them for working out. Very sleek, and fits great.

The spibelt is the most wonderful invention since [fill in favorite invention here]. I’ve got two of them and I’m ordering more.


yay for Spibelts! I’ve found mine to be very comfortable during running and it’s great during races as well. I hadn’t thought about just wearing it all the time for the pump–great idea.

Kim Overton, founder of Spibelt, was one of the first sponsors to step up to help Triabetes and has continued to be a great supporter.


I thought I would hate wearing two belts more than I actually do. I barely notice it’s there. And I’m a girl so as stupid as this might sound, every time I have to use the restroom and I pull my pants down without tugging on the tubing it makes me so happy! lol

Hey guys! Phillip from SPIbelt here… We’re really excited to hear such great support for the belt. We’d like to offer the tudiabetes group an exclusive offer of 10% off any order with the checkout code: tu10 :slight_smile:

Great! I ordered two!


Awesome! I will be ordering more too :slight_smile:

Hey - has anyone gone swimming with one of these? I see the waterproof one on the website, but thought I would check in with the fan club first!


I doubt that the waterproof function will apply to using an insulin pump in the SPIbelt. The infusion set will not allow complete closing of the pouch.

Dear Sharif,

We actually do have that exact product! We just launched the Solo-Pocket SPIbelt and haven’t marketed it yet much but you can find it here: http://store.spibelt.com/solopocket-p/7pb-a001-001.htm

It is simply a SPIbelt pocket that attaches to your belt.

We’ll look into the FRIO material, thanks for the recommendation.

Good point…

I ordered my first spibelt last night and can hardly wait to get it after hearing so much great stuff about it!! Can anyone tell me about how long shipping takes? Thanks!

All I remember is it came faster than I expected :slight_smile: Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere you shouldn’t expect to wait long :slight_smile: Excited for you! :slight_smile: I still love mine and I wrote this post almost three months ago!

Thanks for the Reminder, Leanna - I just ordered one too!

Darn viral marketing, it works…

Thanks Cassie!! I’m really excited about getting it!! I’ve haven’t gotten an email saying it shipped yet but I still really hope it comes fast because we might be going camping with week and and I really want it by then!!

Lol your welcome Dan :slight_smile:

I ordered one and I got it in about a week and a half (seemed like forever, oh the anticipation!) I have 42 inch hips and I wear it there with no problems, for some reason its comfortable being slung around my hips. I went to a concert and decided to see how much stuff I can stuff in it. I managed to fit my cozmo pump (without the attached meter), vial of test strips, long blue accu-chek finger poker, money, ID, and car insurance and registration. Didnt need a purse that night. I was used to wearing my pump on my belt like so many others, but it was a drag when trying to wear a dress since theres no inside belt to clip it to. With the spibelt I feel like a “non-diabetic” because I am able to wear whatever I like and its very sleek so theres barely a pump bulge at all. My family was like “omg sarah…your pump, did you forget it at home again?” (yes it has happened a few times-id forget to reconnect after my shower) and i surprised them all by showing my new belt.