My Really Low-Carb Pizza Crust

The carbs are in the pizza crust. I’ve been making pizza since 1974, with regular crust. Here is my new way, the lower-carb way. I buy a package of pita pockets, the largest I can find, whole wheat. Now, here comes the technical part: With a single-edge razor blade, I go around the edge, then wiggle my fingers across and between the two pieces. Presto, I have half- pocket slices. Next, I lay these thin pieces on the oven’s center rack at 400 degrees until a little crisp on the down side, then I flip it and let the other side crisp a little bit. Once out of the oven, I let them cool, then layer on the cheese, then tomato slices, or sauce. I add any other toppings and my seasonings and drizzle on olive oil. Believe it, this is real pizza, thin crust. You’ll have to take a few practice runs if you’ve never made your own pizza. The baking time is short, just enough to milt the cheese. You need to buy quality pita pockets, so read the labels, and get the ones without all the added junk. Hope you like it. Mel

Thanks for the idea. will hopefully try it this weekend.

Thanks for the info! I might have to try this one day soon

Bless you Mel!

I love me some pizza!!! I am going to try this tonight :slight_smile:

Hi Mel, we do almost that also.

We buy the smallest pita bread, put the pizza sauce on top and everybody puts their favorite toppings (everybody gets their own small pizza). We put them in the oven at 350° for about 15-20 minutes and they’re done. We don’t cook the pita bread first and don’t separate either. That is my version of our favorite low-carb pizza crust!

Nice that you thought of sharing that idea with everybody!!!

Happy pizza everybody :wink: