My Second Family

Meet my second family...TuDiabetes

I have had a lot of people ask me what TuDiabetes is. I feel very fortunate that I get to share with my closest family and friends exactly what this group is. First, I should tell you that I when I was first diagnosed I was desperate to not feel alone. I needed to know that their were others like me. I don't know if it is because my husband is a forum addict or if God was just pointing me in a certain direction but one day while researching diabetes online I came across the TuDiabetes website and I felt obligated to get to know this group of people better. They soon became my second family.

So here was this family, all who had diabetes, and all who had their own story to tell. Every person was full of hope and determination. They all had goals, and I liked that. Each person was looking for a friend or someone they could help. Here was this group of amazing people who had diabetes and did amazing things- some conquered mountains, some competed in the Olympics, and one is even on American Idol right not, this list goes on and on. Here stood this family that understood everything about diabetes- the hilariousness of where we find used test strips, the desperation of trying to get rid of ketones. Here were diabetics all grown up. They were the people I want to be. Having kids, getting jobs, living life...even with diabetes.

It is TuDiabetes that I feel such a strong connection to. They opened my eyes to the diabetic world. A world that is not full of hate and shame but a world of hope, determination, love and most of all...acceptance. Everyday we struggle and fight together to end this disease. We educate one another, we test our sugars, we fight off nasty ketones, and we LIVE life.

This group of people have made me feel like I can walk down the street and hold head high. They continue to teach me that just because I have diabetes, no one has the right to label me. They are helping me accept my diabetes and they are teaching me to cope with it.

Don't get me wrong. My family is the best and they are like no other family in this world. I love them and I cherish them, but they are not diabetics and sometimes they don't understand exactly what I am going through or how diabetes is effecting me as an individual. They are my support group at home, in the kitchen, when I'm eating, when I'm testing, when I'm injecting..but TuDiabetes is my support group behind closed doors when I am having feelings and symptoms that no one could understand but a diabetic themselves.

So thank you to all of my family and friends who are always here for me, and thank you to TuDiabetes for making me a little wiser about diabetes.