My site for low carb recipes

Considering this forum has been created, I figured I would post about my site here. I have created (with my wife) a forum with a huge list of recipes. The majority are low-carb so they are Diabetic friendly. So come take a look and feel free to post any great recipes you have.

Bishops Recipe Forum

Hi Chris, Thanks for posting your site…We need all of the diabetic recipes that we can get…I went and looked and I look forward to looking around more…:slight_smile: I’m also going to be posting more recipes here too…So between us, we should have a BUNCH of them…lol

Hi Chris!
Being new to Diabetes, I have been reading everything I can. Your recipes look good to me and I really appreciate the nutrition facts on most of them, that is a big help for a newbie.
Take Care.

Is the recipe for fried chicken for real?
has anyone tried this