My Stuff (DBlog)

My Stuff (DBlog)

Wildcard Day: "Write a short story personifying a diabetes tool you use on a daily basis. A meter, syringe, pump, pill, etc. Give it a personality and a name and let it speak through you. What would it be happy about, upset about, mad about? "

I am a DMB (Diabetes Messenger Bag) and my name is Stuff. I have special powers: I can mind-meld with Mom's computer, and I'm on the same wavelength as HPP (Hot Pink Paperclip), who lives on Word. He winks and chortles at me, then we talk.

For instance, recipes are big on the DOC (Diabetes Online Community). HPP told me about this one: take a chunk of dark chocolate, add five drops of apple cider vinegar and 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon; microwave and eat at 2:00 AM when you're testing for the dreaded DP (Dawn Phenomenon). He says it will help a lot until we get the Cure, which is due in exactly five years.

My job is to carry diabetes stuff. In my back zippered compartment, I carry a cold pack with two pens, Apidra and Levemir, or else a Frio containing the pens. I like the Frio best, it's not so doggone cold! The mini meter is loose in the main compartment; I think Mom likes to look for it since she spends so much time doing just that. Mom's got a lot of stuff in little bags in the main compartment, like one full of 1/2 marking syringes. "Why syringes, not pen needles?" you may ask. She sometimes likes to give a little bitty, mostly accurate shot, which is easier with a syringe than a pen needle. Now, Mom's written about that in comments on TuDiabetes, and nobody ever replies. I asked HPP (Hot Pink Paperclip) about that. He winked and chortled and said that the view on the DOC is that Mom's a little weird. Hmmm.

Mom likes to pack enough stuff for a picnic in one of my compartments: glucose tabs, a blueberry and a strawberry breakfast bar, two packets of diet cocoa, three Mini York Bars and Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. Are PWD's (People With Diabetes) supposed to eat candy? She says, yes, because she has to be prepared for lows. Hmmm.

When Mom displaced her right shoulder, everyone told her to remove some of my stuff. That was just fine with me because carrying so much can get really heavy. So Mom took out some little bags that had a brush, comb, a Kindle, Chapstick, coins, a calendar, etc., etc., and put the keys in her pocket. I'm proud of my cross-body strap; it helps to balance both of us. If she'd been wearing me, maybe she wouldn't have fallen over that garden fence in the first place...

Uh oh. A door just banged open. I'm hearing a dozen paws running and scrabbling. Those three Golden dogs are headed straight for me! They smell my breakfast bars! I'm all zipped up so my stuff is safe, but I'm rocking! OMG. I'm toppling over! In the background, I hear a screech from Mom: "Hey! Get away! That's my Stuff!"

Happy DBlog Week, Everyone!

Stuff sounds like he's prepared for just about anything!! And when I was on MDIs I wish I had thought of using syringes along with pens for times in needed <1 unit corrections and such. Great idea!!

Got a picture of "Stuff"? I'd love to see him/her/it.

Hi sdkate. My "Stuff" is an Adorn Messenger Bag:

Bravo "Stuff"....A standing ovation!

Judith, Stuff is bowing...