What does your 'beetis bag look like?

We all carry something, a sheath, a bag, a backpack, a cooler… to tote our precious (and expensive) testing equipment.

What’s in it?
What does it look like?

Mine is actually a Nintendo DS game system bag… but the multiple sections and awesome padding made it ideal for insulin, glucose tabs, and my accu chek.

Nice, you know I need to get me a bag:) There is a lady tudiabetes who pretty nice bags. I guess I really need to buy one!!! I like the bag you show here:) lol, by any means necessary:)

That would be Rickina, stickmedesigns.

As for me, I’m happy with the case that came with my Freestyle Flash… I stick snacks-to-go and water in my regular handbag or backpack… and I’m good to go.

Mine is a black make-up case by Modella–$12.00 at Wallyworld , its 6"by 9" and a couple of inches deep when full (keep waiting for themto get another in so I have a backup when I wear the zippers out on this one). It carries a gelpack, a temporary sharps disposal container, usually one vial of novalog (can hold more) alchohol swabs, a novalog pen (when traveling can carry another plus a levimer pen), a couple of syringes, a small pen needle supply, a themometer, some extra lancets, two infusion sets, two resevoirs, extra batteries for my pump, a quick serter and some paper tape. I put the go kit in a cooler in my car when I leave the house.

I keep my meter in my purse (or on my desk when at work), the meter case holds the extra strips and lancets usually needed.

I also keep a novalog pen and a few needles, in the small cooler on my desk, and keep a fully sugared soda-pop on my desk (work faster for me than juice)

The moment I just have it all kinda loose in my general day to day bag that I take out. Since I do a lot of travelling, and I’m often across the pond in Florida too, I figured I need a bit of a better solution, preferably one with cooling, so I think I’m going to grab this one made by MediCool:

Everything goes in my shorts.

Mine is a casauri bag (this one, actually: http://casauri.com/products/cases/pn82.shtml) - it’s just large enough for my Ultra 2 meter, test strips, Novolog pen and pen cap needles.

I didn’t want extra space because I still wanted to be able to use fairly small purses. :slight_smile:

mine is called a courage bag. Made by a lady for her diabetic daughter.

I just use the case that came with my OneTouch UltraMini - it has spots for the glucometer/test strip vial/lancer, and compartments that easily hold an insulin vial, syringe, and extra pen needles. I just throw that, my insulin pen, and a tube of glucose tabs in one pants pocket and it all fits pretty well (though I’m probably screwed if I’m forced to be away from more supplies for more than a couple of days).

The DS bag is a really nice idea. I used to have a decent one with a belt loop that might work really well for diabetes stuff… I’ll have to try and dig it up.

My everyday is the inside pocket of my backpack- for day trips (more than 30 miles from home I use the small LL Bean Personal Organizer. Just the right size for all of the pump extras and pump failure and… y’all know the stuff.

I’m with Dino, everything in my pockets

I should mention that for about the past nine or ten months, I’ve been using StickMeDesigns’ deluxe bag as a combination meter bag and wallet (there are compartments which have been shown on her site as holding money and credit cards); it is about the size of a clutch purse. That said, I have to swap the most basic of my gear from there back to the original meter case (and use the document compartment for cards and folding money) when I need to stick the meter in a cycling-jersey pocket.

I use a small sequined wrist clutch. Sparkly so when I go low and my eyes get all dark I can see the sparkles still and it fits into my purse.

I want these…!

i’ve never had a D bag and never will. all i carry is my meter.

My meter and lancets are in the carrying case, and my pens and pen needles and alcohol are in a non activated frio bag. Then I throw both those in my purse with multiple compartments which contain glucotabs, gummi bears, breakfast bars, extra test strip drum, and log book. It weighs about 300 pounds. LOL

Trish McEvoy free gift make up bag. Made of parachute type fabric, small and soft with a top zipper. Lancets, needles, bottle of strips, glucometer, and insulin pen just dumped in. I don’t like the kind that open flat, it exposes everything. I just reach in, grab a strip, grab the meter throw it back in while it’s counting down. I can do it all and never really get anything out of my purse and almost without even looking! Great if your at dinner with people you don’t know. Haven’t found anything that works as well and it was free!

i use my laptop bag

Love this and I also do this sometimes but doesn’t work in -10 degree weather ha! :slight_smile:

I use a small soft sided insulated cooler bag from walmart. I carry my meter, glucose tabs, log book, glucagon kit, insulin and an extra infusion set, incase of a problem I can always do a site change. I also carry syringes to give a shot manually if need be. Better to be safe than sorry I say.