My Sugar loving husband.

I’m totally ticked. I just have to repeat this here,separately.
He walks in the door tonight with 3 pounds of Salt Water Taffy and I tell the kids to take it back to the car. He says “No” “I’m not letting it melt in my car.” Then, he tells my daughter to show me a 5 pound tub of Strawberry Twisters! “You keep those at your desk.” duh… NO I do not!!! I used to keep a small package of sugar free until I realized that the sugar alcohol was just as bad as eating a slice of bread! I haven’t had a piece of strawberry twister in over a year!
I just tested I’m 142 and it is dinner time. The kids are getting sourdough bread pizza. Me? I dont know… I’m too ticked to think what to eat with out getting myself into a No-No situation. GRRRR!!! I’m chicken to use the insulin and do a carb count to chow… I’m not a glutton.
I just want to scream. I think I will crunch on some ice for a while and play a game of mahjong.
For now.