My type 2 diabetes

I am an eighty years old type 2 diabetes patient. I am having type 2 diabetes from more than 30 years. I am taking 30/70 insulin, 40 units before breakfast, and 20 units before dinner. I am not having any diabetes complications till now. I do know about the future. My most recent lab results are:
fbg…105 mg/dl.
ppbg…143 mg/dl.
I think they are normal.


Welcome to TuD davidtype2. I am 79 and I have had T2 for 10 years. I am still on oral medication, but lately my HbA1c has been creeping up to 6.9. The Dr. has added Jardiance to my medication list.

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Welcome to the group. You seem to be doing well. Do you do any kind of exercise? I feel that is the key to a good type 2 life style. Nancy50

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@davidtype2 welcome, and please do share the secret of your diabetic success. Is the fountain of youth in your back yard?

Welcome😊 Sounds like you are doing a great job! My neighbor has type 2 but she is 90 and has many problems so they will not put her on insulin unless she is in hospital sometimes.