Somewhat newly diagnosed

So I’ve been looking for a place like this… I was diagnosed last year in November I was 26 years old now 27. T2 was my diagnosis and I didn’t take that lightly. At first it was hard to deal with it but I eventually came around to dealing with it. My bg was 248 and my hba1c was at 9.8. I was put in metformin and then ozempic for a while. I normalized my blood sugars and now have an a1c of 5.3. The thing is that all I’ve seen is that even at a younger age your still more at risk for complications and that’s been detrimental to me. I’ve sense had 3 panic attacks and my anxiety is over the roof. All I think of is dying before 50 or in my early 40’s. I wish I knew more people that have been diagnosed at my age. No one in my family had had this and I’m the first. I’m just overwhelmed.

You will find lots of them on this forum.

I am Type 1, but my mom has had Type 2 since age 50, now almost 88, living in own apartment still.

The treatment for diabetes have improved year after year, and more diagnostic tools to catch problems early.

If you do your best to keep bg close to non-diabetic range, your chance for problems is low, but being a bit worried may keep you on track.

Your chances of dying before 50 are not increased if you continue to do as well as you have so far. A little concern can be motivating, but then let it go.

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I guess google isn’t my best friend after all. I just got caught up on google reading about people being diagnosed with t2 at a young age and only see horrible things. That’s how I started having panic attacks. And I know anxiety and stress is no good with my condition. Just find it overwhelming at times. Thanks for the reply I hope more younger people reply that would really help.

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Yeah, Google is not your friend on this one!

Things are so much better now. Don’t let all that bad news get to you. You just need to take each day as it comes. Some days will be great and some not so great but everyday is a blessing! So enjoy what you have and do the best you can. That is all anyone can ask.
It sounds like you know this is serious, yes it is, but it is not the end of everything. I was told I would be died by 30 and here I am many, many years past that year, still kicking with all body parts working! You got this! And keep asking questions and support whenever you need it!

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Thank you @Sally7 this forum has put me at ease sense I got on it. I think this is what I needed, to reach out to people that share the same thing I deal with. Thank you


I was diagnosed with T2 in 1984. I’m now 74, and have no serious complications.

I’ve been on insulin for 33 years, but not everyone needs to go on insulin that soon. T2 varies in severity and progression. The good news is that there are so many oral medications to treat it, and that even if you have to go onto insulin, even T2’s qualify for pumps these days.

The most important thing is to keep your bg’s under control, which will enable you to live a long and otherwise healthy life.

I was just slightly older than you are now, I was in my mid thirties, I am 63 now. I do have some complications but complication are not a guaranteed thing and are less likely if you keep your diabetes under control which is something I have not always done.

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Welcome, this is a great place. Exercise is my friend , knowing my blood sugars, and being aware of what I eat are 3 important rules for me. 28 years no complications. Again welcome. Nancy50

@Luiss_mk6 – This may be an option for you to consider. Welcome to TuD!