How long type 2?

I was talking to my husband about longevity as a type 2 . I am almost 28 years, how about you? I am usually in good control. No major problems. Eyes have nondiabetic retina issues. Other age related nonurgent issues. Otherwise I am pretty good. How long have you been a type 2? Walking 6,000-7,000 steps a day,pool 3x a week. Nancy50

My mom has had type 2 for over 38 years, close to 90 yo now.

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I’m only at 9 years; I’m 56. It started in conjunction with chemo (steroids took me up from about 10 years of pre-diabetes) and I’ve had neuropathy of varying levels in my hands and feet since the beginning. Don’t know which caused it.

37 years for me, and on insulin for 32 years. On a pump for over 18 years. No complications except some non-proliferative retinopathy, which hasn’t worsened for many years. Last A1c was 5.8.

Ruth, congratulations ,you have worked hard. I am 2 years younger than you. Will be 68 in November. I hope someday Medicare will make life easier. Thanks, Nancy

I really can’t say how many years, close to 30 but I’m not sure. At the time I was diagnosed I totally blew it off, not an approach I would recommend.

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If my wife asked me about my longevity as a diabetic, I’d be worried she’s looking at options to get rid of me :wink:

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Just about 10 years.

I’ve had type 2 for 23 years and still take metformin only. A1c 6.9 could be better but was 7.3 2 yrs. ago. Good information on this site and thank-you for sharing.

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Welcome to our community @Kara

Welcome, this is a great community to ask questions of. Nancy50

14+ years …my HbA1c has ✻flat-lined✻ for years …then has doubled since my last Diabetes Review 8 months ago …putting me in the danger ‘red zone’

I’ve now been moved onto dual therapy …and so hope this will change my ‘direction of travel’

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As our diabetes progresses we will see a need for change in our medication. We do the best we can. Good luck. Nancy50

I have had type 2 diabetes for 25 year, at age 49, after being on prednisone for two years for an autoimmune disease. First treated with pills, Then in 2009 my doctor introduced LANTUS, later NOVOLOG in 2013 after a PE , VICTOZA was added. Now my treatment is 20 units LANTUS daily, NOVOLOG with meals and Trulicity once a week was added in 2018.

I have a question? Has any one had their BG affected by medication. It seems my Mychophenolate causes my blood sugars to spike. Reading 108, about an hour after taking medication, no food, my BG went up to 177.

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Was this within 2-3 hours of a meal ? Did you take novolog also? Do you adjust novolog based on carbs in meal?

Many things can lead to high bg. Check drug info to see if high bg is side effect for Mychophenolate.

I was diagnosed with type 2 at age 48. I will be 70 next spring and my motto now as it has been since my diagnosis is 90 or bust. I have been managing through an adherence to a low GI carb diet, no beef, lots of fish and seafood, some chicken and pork and two hours of walking every day. Hba1c is good as can be and I am on one medication, Glyberide to manage my BGs. No signs of any damage to my eyesight or other neuropathy which I largely attribute to the low GI carb mealplan. On a typical day I will start with a slice of multigrain toast with smoked salmon and capers and a boiled egg on the side with a cup of green tea and a glass of tomato juice. Lunch is a wholewheat pita bread with leftovers from yesterday’s dinner or a can of sardines or a scrambled egg and a glass or two of redwine. Dinner is either wholewheat pasta or barley with salmon or chicken burgers and green beans on the side. With dinner I will usually consume a 750 ml bottle of red wine. Snacks during the day are nuts and in the evening in front of the tv, popcorn. And after each of these three meals I go for a brisk half hour walk. In any case that is my prescription for living to 90 and although I have a ways to go it is looking good so far.

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Wow, talk about a perspective shift…

I was diagnosed last week (11/20)

Welcome to the group. I also eat some carbs. I walk 3 miles or so depending on the day. My Fitbit just said in past year I walked 800 miles . No complications,I was born with eye problems. So I have watched things for 28 years. So again welcome. Exercise and self education are so important with this disease as we are in charge. Nancy50

I was diagnosed 25 years ago. I am on a pump with CMG. C-peptide test shows very low insulin production.