My valedictory Snap question

How do you turn the thing off??? For various reasons I bit the bullet and switched back to my Minimed last night, so I want to put the Snap in total shut-down mode for the time being. I went through the documentation a couple of times and all I could find was how to do a “stop delivery” and how to put it in temporary “off” mode for up to 24 hours. But couldn’t find how to shut it down completely either in the docs or the menus. In the end I removed the pump body, acknowledged the alert and hit “exit,” but it’s still emitting a bleep every so often to let me know it’s still alive. I’d call Snap support but um, there ain’t no Snap support anymore, right?

Just put it in with your socks and forget about it, it will rundown in a few days…:slight_smile:
I have had many pumps and none of them have had a off switch. Is the battery
in the disposable part of the pump???

Pretty much what I’m ending up doing, yeah. My medtronic was easy to shut down–just pull the battery. But yes again, the main battery in the Snap is in the disposable “pump body” part of the pump. There must be some kind of short-term storage in the controller though because it does the alert sound even though it’s not attached to the pump body. Annoys the heck out of my cat–she takes these alerts very seriously.