NaNoMoFaAsMo Day 2

I was a good acronym-er today. Biked hills for 20 minutes. Walked around in the windy cold for 30 minutes. I’m happy. I also had my first bowl of gumbo ever, which was amazing. This might become a weekly thing. I’ll need a unit of insulin to cover it in the future, though.

In other news, I start my pump tomorrow morning. Here’s the crazy stuff running through my head now.

  • I stopped my Levemir. I’m interested to see what my blood sugar does over the next 18 hours.

    - I’m starting on Apidra tomorrow, so that’s new too.

    - Do infusion sets hurt? Maybe I should have gone with the 6 mm.

    - Do I tell people at work on Thursday? I don’t talk about my diabetes to people at work, but all the sudden I’ll have this thing on my pants, and yeah, I’m kind of excited about it, but still I don’t think I’ll be flashing the pump unless anyone asks. Which they will, because that’s the kind of overly family-like place where I work.

    - I should go to the gym tomorrow morning. Cardio will combat the lack of basal insulin. And will make me feel better for taking a whole sick day when it’s really just a 3 hour trainer visit.

    - I am watching a Scrubs episode all about Turk’s diabetes. He’s using diabetes as an excuse to get Carla to fetch him sandwiches and not go duvet-cover shopping. I’m not sure why, but this doesn’t sit well with me. Ok, one time I did use diabetes to get me my sweet potato fries faster. I wish I had a Carla to go fetch me some sweet potato fries.

Very exciting…good luck, tomorrow. Now, I want sweet p fries…