Natural adhesive remover

I have the Omnipod and use UNI-SOLVE to take the adhesive on the pod off. It works like a charm. BUT I am pregnant and am trying really hard to be cautious of what I put in and onto my body. I did a little digging and reading about the UNI-SOLVE wipes doesn’t make me feel awesome. I’ll attach link below.

I used coconut oil tonight and it took me about 10 minutes to get it to come off and it caused a mess. I know there are other threads on adhesive removal, but I am really trying to find something not so toxic. Any ideas?

I don’t have a pump but a FreestyIe Libre CGM. I use Shea butter. It absorbs in quickly and removes adhesive pretty well.

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I like coconut oil but it can take a while. Lemon essential oil is amazing to dissolve any sticky stuff! Using one drop straight will quickly dissolve the adhesive and you can then use some coconut oil to help absorb the lemon oil if it’s too strong. Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!


UniSolve looks like a pretty low toxicity solvent to me! I just ordered it and plan to start using it soon. The key thing for me is that there is no indication of toxicity via skin absorption. The quantity you would be using would lead to VERY low concentrations in the air — well below any hazardous situation. MSDS sheets are useful, but they have to take into account industrial accident situations, like a 10 gallon spill in a small, unventilated room. If you’re concerned, turn on a small fan or kitchen vent.

It appears that the two main components are isopropyl alcohol and naphtha. Both are sold at big box stores for use as home solvents and are probably used in much higher concentrations. And it’s likely that MSDS sheets for those two items would show at least equal toxicity.

Alcohol works well and is safe and shouldn’t harm your pregnancy. If you are worried that rubbing (Isopropyl) alcohol (the kind in Uni-Solve) might be toxic you could of course just use vodka.

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I don’t know Brian, have you looked at the MSDS for ethyl alcohol? :laughing:

I use it too but like I said it smells super toxic and I am trying to find a natural alternative.

Well, most of what I know about vodka (ethyl alcohol) is from personal experience. There is an MSDS for ethyl alcohol. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about a few seconds of exposure on your skin.

If you don’t like the smell of something, that’s a valid reason to avoid it. But smell is not a good indicator of what’s toxic and what’s not. Carbon monoxide has no odor. So we use CO detectors for our home heating systems.

And what is natural? Cows produce methane gas — does that make it natural? Vodka is certainly highly processed. Does that make it “unnatural?” And even things like coconut oil are highly refined.

The least of my worries is the tiny bit of unisolve that I use a couple times a week (for sets, and less often, the G5 xmitter). Applying chemicals to my yard, and spraying for spiders and whatnot in the house is a WHOLE LOT more exposure to toxins then a bit of Unisolve.

Yes, but Molly_S is pregnant and presumably you’re not! I can understand that she might want to be extra cautious and I suspect she is avoiding some other exposures too. It’s just that knowing what to avoid can be a bit tricky at times. Erring on the side of caution can lead to some inconvenience, but if it avoids a serious problem, it might be worth it.


Is baby oil an option? I don’t know its contents, but have heard it’s effective and, well, it’s presumably safe for babies :baby:t2:. :slight_smile:

It might not be convenient, but Caleb’s sites always come off well after a shower when they’ve gotten a good soak.

Are you implying that a little tiny bit of unisolve a couple times a week is going to damage a fetus? Is that your contention? If that’s the case I suggest not putting on any cologne either

Not anywhere close to implying that, Dave44. In fact I noted earlier than I thought Unisolve was a very low risk. I do think it’s important to evaluate the real risks of what you are being exposed to. And pregnancy is an extra factor to consider. But I consider Unisolve and cologne safe exposures, pregnant or not.

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There is lots of confusion over the term “Natural.” The term isn’t controlled by the FDA and it has developed an “aura” that is actually deceiving. The fact that Whole Foods makes tons of money off the label is evidence that people believe that “Natural” is good or healthy. That isn’t what it means and being natural isn’t necessarily healthy. Generally it means that the product isn’t made or caused by humans. So Uni-Solve clearly isn’t natural. And baby oil (which is distilled from petroleum) certainly isn’t natural either. And vodka isn’t likely natural (although some vodkas claim they are natural).

In general I would recommend not putting too much credence on “Natural” as an indication of whether a product is healthy or presents a health risk. “Natural” wild fish can contain dangerous levels of mercury and harm your baby. If you are concerned about health risks of products it is best to ask your doctor. They will likely advise you that all the products mentioned here are totally safe when used like this to remove adhesive. So seek the advise of your doctor and ask what you should avoid, you might be surprised by their answer.

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My daughter has sensitive skin. Unisolve caused a blistery rash. We switched to De-Solv-It in a pump spray bottle for at-home use, & Medisol wipes for travel.

I have tried several different things, and what works best for me is 91% isopropyl alcohol followed by a dab of AD&D ointment or a liberal application of baby oil. It takes the alcohol a few minutes to dissolve the adhesive, so I begin the pod change process by putting alcohol all around the adhesive. I really soak it, and repeat this several times. I find that cotton rounds work best and I use Swisspers if I can find them at Costco (otherwise they are really expensive) or Target Up&Up Premium Rounds which are often 5% off on Cartwheel.


Why even waste your time writing to me?

I am simply looking for other people remedies that work or have worked.Thats all. This thread is infuriating and so mansplain-y. “If that’s the case I suggest not putting on any cologne either…” I mean come on. This thread has become a good reminder for me not to post.

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Hi Molly_S,

Not sure what you are infuriated about. Your original post suggested you wanted not only something that worked, but was non-toxic and natural. And you referred to an MSDS sheet on Uni-solve. It seems to me that our discussions related to those key words and were pretty much on target. Sorry if our discussions didn’t cover what you were looking for. Seems to me you would clarify what you are looking for rather than stop posting.