Getting a pod off

Yeah, even at day three, my pods REFUSE to come off :confused: Does anyone know any secrets to get them off? Besides after taking a shower, as i usually do that in the morning, and i change my pods at night.

You can buy some medical solvents that will help. I have medi-sol wipes that I use from time to time. I also found that it’s easier to get off if I prep with IV-Prep or Skin Prep instead of just an alcohol wipe. Those are my suggestions.

I put baby oil on the tip of a cotton swab, soak the edges, then slowly slip the swap underneath and inch it off.

Unisolve is another solvent. We use it every time. It works better on a dry pod - we soak the outside of the adhesive, wait a couple of minutes and then it comes off pretty easily. You can also use it as you peel - between the adhesive and your skin and it makes it way easier. The only problem is you end up with sticky residue that has to be wiped off as well.

I use Smith-Nephew Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover. Before using Uni-Solve my skin would be irritated from ripping off the pod. Now I have zero skin issues.

I have used baby oil on a Q-tip…fingernail polish remover and Uni-Solve available from American Diabetes Wholesale. I prefer the Uni-Solve. It is also something that is easy to transport (in the OmniPod zippered case) as it comes in individual packets like alcohol wipes.

I’ve soaked it with fingernail polish remover, some success. I have used Uni-Solve - Pod comes off quickly, only the adhesive seems to be left on me, Soaked it with baby oil, works, but needs to soak for awhile as you walk around the house. I recently discovered the slickest way for me = squirt baby oil on THEN shower, comes right off!

I’ve done that, too—baby oil takes a little while so I usually end up soaking in the tub. I also discovered that I had a lot of problems with the pods not sticking if I placed a new one in the same area/side. Now I alternate sides…right/left with each change.

After the pod is removed I use a second Uni-Solve and paper towels to get the adhesive off my skin.

Helmut - thank you for this tip. I like using Uni-Solve but always had a problem with the adhesive still left on my skin.

The pod should come off very quickly if you soaked it in fingernail polish remover–check to make sure that it is NOT the acetone free version.

i just rip. lol. that’s always worked for me.

YIKES!!! I’d have no skin.

I use unisolve on my 3 yr old - she likes to take them off herself and has ripped them off before we have applied the unisolve a couple of times but then we have to avoid that area for about a week.

That’s us too. My son gets impatient or “brave” and pulls it off, but the result isn’t pretty. I love unisolve.

We use the spray bottle of Medi-Solv - you can buy it online - it’s made with orange oil so it’s non-irritating. We spray it before we deactivate and by the time we’re done priming and placing the new pod, it practically falls off. I usually buy 5 bottles at a time and they last around a year. You can do a google search for best price, etc. Good luck!

BTW - we usually NEVER change the pod in the evening if we can help it. Depending on the site, Will tends to go up after a pod change. If we change it mid-morning, then we can monitor it closely for the first 8 hours or so and make adjustments. We’ve gotten down to doing a change and adding a full unit and extending it 25% over 3 hours and that seems to be the magic key for us. If he’s under 125 - then we do 0.50 unit at 25% over 3 hours. Be careful doing those changes at night - just make sure to check yourself at 2 a.m. so you are safe! :+)

haha i just rip it off… yikes