Natural Living

I have a lot of research ahead of me but I want to live a more natural life than I have been living. I know that I have no choice but to continue taking my insulin for the rest of my life but I want to eat more healthy and organic foods, I want to exercise more and get the vitamins and minerals I need from the foods I eat and what I drink rather than taking multivitamins.

Does anyone out there have a natural lifestyle who would be willing to lend some insight? It's something I have been wanting to do for a while but the research and implementation has become overwhelming so this time around I am going to change small things at a time rather than working to make one huge change.

I hate the feeling that I am constantly pumping different chemicals into my body for various things. I hate taking pills. I am sure my doctor would peel me up one side and down the other if I was honest with him that I stopped taking my birth control. There are more natural ways of family planning and if a baby is meant to happen it will happen, birth control or not. I know my sugars aren't where they are supposed to be but I don't like the idea of giving my body hormones. I feel like it throws me completely off whack mentally, emotionally and even physically at times.

There's part of me that feels like a quack as I sit and write this out, but it's honestly how I feel.

My husband and I have talked about becoming more self sustaining. We want to grow our own herbs and vegetables (what the space of our backyard will allow us to grow anyway) and even raise a few animals for meat. I grew up on a small family farm on the mountain and that's the life I was raised in. Now that I live in a subdivision it is something I miss a lot.

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to research I go!

I recently made a big change to my diet along these lines: no refined or processed foods, no caffeine, no alcohol, no preservatives or chemical additives, no flour products or grains, no sweeteners including artificial sweeteners or any of the so-called natural sweeteners.

I'm eating low-glycemic vegetables, whole fruits (in moderation), nuts and seeds, meat, Greek (pressed) yogurt, eggs, extra-virgin olive oil, mushrooms, herbs and garlic -- just real foods from nature and as organic as possible. I drink water and that's about it.

After the initial period of detoxification/adjustment I do feel much better. My BG values are looking better than they have in a long while and I just feel better in general.

I have two small suggestions. If you're not already reading Natural Health and Whole Living pick up an issue on the newstand and give them a looksee. I love them both and read them cover-to-cover every month. Good uplifting info.