Spoke to CCS medical on switching to the tandem pump

I spoke with CCD medical who i deal with for my insulin pump supplies. I want to go to the tandem
TSlim x2 pump but i would have to wait until my warranty is up which is 2019. Medtronics is the one that will
honor the warranty and allow me to use it until its up and then i can switch to the pump i want. i can still
get my animas supplies till 2019 which is good. but i wanted to let everyone know that if they want to switch
to that pump from animas they have to wait until their warranty is up or take the medtronics pump which again
honors the warranty. Im bummed out as i really wanted to switch to the tandem pump as i use dexcom.

so what would you guys do?

the only downside is what if i need my pump to be fixed. i worry that there will be something wrong with it and ill need it to be replaced. ive had it happen before. so i worry about that. i guess i could wait but i was looking forward to the technology that the tandem has. plus its touch screen which would be easier on my fingers. i think ill have to think about it

Tim so it’s probably worth waiting if the update isn’t until 2019 then…hrm

Amy Coleman

i was looking at the medtroincs just in case. it looks like the meter does a wireless bolus, etc which is what i had when i was with the ping. it is a bummer that they are going out of business and medtronics is taking over. ill have to see what my diabetes team says. the newer medtronics pumps looks nice and color screen which is easy for me to see. not saying that the animas vibe isnt color screen but hard to see

i still use the meter to mark before or after a meal even tho it doesnt get used by the vibe. it was easier to deal with than having to take out my pump…especially when i wore dresses, that meter came in handy

is this the medtronic ones? ive been looking at the 630g and the 670g…the 630g has a simulator…not as the way the tandem is but at least you can play around with it. im still trying to see if it has where you can use the meter part of the simulator so you can get an idea of how that works. it seems interesting.

yup the vibe doesnt have the remote. i miss the remote. it was my favorite thing ever. it allowed me to give insulin while i am wearing the dress without having to take the pump out. too bad that the slim doesnt have that…it looks like the medtronic does but i cant tell.

hrm, so it will be interesting what tandem does then. if not right now then hopefully they will have it like the ping. it is nice to have something like the ping. it made things easier for diabetics. ill have to look to see if the medtronic ones is definitely a remote before i think not. it says it is but not sure or unless i misread it

ive been looking at both models. i guess i will have to ask them more about the pumps than what is written on the website. maybe they will give me insights and can help me figure out which one to use if my endo thinks it would be a good idea, etc. i can always go back on dexcom in 2019.

ill write a post in the insulin pump forum and get the feedback which you said the good and the bad. that way when i figure out what i want to do i have a better idea on stuff

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My warranty is up in 2018 so tandem says I can get the new one then. But I can I still get this update then and what is it? I don’t know which pump I have now either. They just sent me a brand new one when the memory failed.

with animas there is the ping or the vibe. the pump will say which one it is.

well my pump has been telling me it needs to be primed a few times the last few days. i thought it was because it was time to change the infusion set. well it just told me that it isnt primed. now i gotta call animas tomorrow and see what they say. i wont be able to get a new pump as they are going out of business. sigh

@Tim35 what should I be looking for if it’s the new pump? It has a bunch of stuff. Still no indication of which pump it is that I can decipher anyway. Very odd. It says at the bottom pcba serial model rev is that it?

do you have the animas pump or the tandem pump?

I’ll have to call them and ask. Thanks!

what does the hybrid loop mean? i think ive seen it in the medtronics pump but i cant remember if i did read it or maybe imagine it, etc

I lived with an Animas Ping for almost eight years. Loss of prime errors, for me, were usually solved by giving the insulin cartridge retainer nut a little more torque. I hated having to do a full rewind and disconnect to get running again. I think all of my prime failures were due to operator error. Your experience, of course, may be different.

who knows what it oculd be from…ive had it in the past meaning i needed a new pump…but this time it seems to be annoying. it hasnt done the needing to prime since friday which is a good thing but im not going to jinx it.

Well, the 670 only does predictive low. So it will suspend when going low.
It does change the basal some when going higher as well?
The X2 will have this early in 2018.
Thing is, the 670 is all that it ever will be.
The X2 will also update again later for a more closed loop scenario.
This means that it will not only slow down or stop basal for lows, but also BOLUS for highs!

Nothing that our DIY closed looped members haven’t already been doing. But this would be for everyone, on a new warrantied pump with full support.

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