Need help, with new PDM

Hi all, I’m trying to download info from my new pdm to the Copilot software (with omnipod extension) and I receive a error in communication. Does anyone have experience anything similar? how you resolve it?

Please view the attachments to see the mesagges that I receive from copilot, thanks everyone for the help.
7291-error1.tiff (29.4 KB)
7292-error2.tiff (20.9 KB)

I am also having trouble with downloading from my new PDM using the Copilot software…only I get the message that my PDM has ‘timed out’. So I try downloading again…again the same message. Called the Customer Care number and of course no one is available to help on the weekend. Did find a man who took my name and phone number, so maybe tomorrow I will get a tech savvy person who can help unravel this mystery and we all can have some answer. Sorry I can’t help you now.


I hope so we can find answers! jajaja or maybe some one with experience with this issue here today!

See this other discussion. About halfway down the page is where people talked about getting CoPilot to read data from the PDM.

I have already installed the omnipod extension. The problem is that after a few retryies to download, I got a message on the pdm that reads: PDM ERROR, REMOVE POD NOW, and after calling customer service today I had to reset my pdm and set it up all over again from scratch and loose a pod. This had happen twice today, two PDM failures (PDM ERROR, REMOVE POD NOW), so Insulet is replacing my PDM for another one and two pods that I had lost when the PDM was reset due the error.

Wow, you’ve had more than your share of grief with the system today. I hope that your new PDM will be more cooperative and hopefully by then someone will be able to reach the people that can help us with the Co-Pilot problems.


Yes Mayumi, 2 PDM failures today and 2 pod lost, at least Insulet is replacing the PDM for another one and the 2 pods too.