Need instructions for new glucose monitor

hello all, I just got this new glucose monitor called “Assure 4” but I somehow managed to loose the instruction manual. I contacted the company online and they said they are out of the office until monday.

on their website is an icon for view “how to use the monitor” but it didn’t work when I tried to click onto the page.

so is there anyone hear who uses this “Assure 4” glucose testing monitor by “Arkray”? if so can you email me a set of instructions or just write the instruction on how to use it for me. thank you in advance

I went to their website, and you get “page not found” when you click on “product demonstration”. However, the FAQs (frequently asked questions) do explain a lot. click - here - for the link. it seems like my machine - put the code key in its slot, slide a strip in the slot, and that turns it on. then put your blood sample on the strip.

hope you get it all figured out, so you can enjoy the holiday weekend!

I don’t use Assure 4, but I explore their site and find this sheet, hope it helps you out! Good luck

thank you guys this was perfect…don’t know why i didn’t see it. thankyou so much, peace and by the way happy holidays for those of you who are celebrating the 4th of july tomarrow!! thanks again friends!!-Dobby