Need more projects 4 lockdown

I am slowly going insane…If I run out of things to do there will be madness.
I will turn on civilization and go on a rampage of destruction.
I hate being on the computer.
I WANT VACCINE. I cant take this anymore. I want to go to the dentist.

I can crochet sooo fast, now. But, that skill is worthless.

This Christmas I crocheted:
1.) A scarf for the dog
2.) 3 cat blankets
4.) 1 baby blanket - with flowers with actual stamens
5.) A king sized afghan that mimics the coast of France. There’s a baby sea turtle on it, crawling out into 3-D waves crashing onto the shoreline. It is a metaphor for covid and how we all swam out into an infinite sea of despair.


Wow! Those are great blankets and a super cute fur-baby!

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He’s murderous, El_Ver. He never stops murdering. He threw a dead mouse down the stairs at me yesterday. He tossed it up in the air. I thought, “What’s that?” Then he threw it way up in the air, gave it a good toss so it landed right next to me.

Gotta get outta here, El_Ver. 2 more months. 2 more months. We are so close to being free. We must be free.

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He is teaching you to hunt

as for the boredom


you can easily waste 5 years at least

I played 18045 games so far

Who knows, you may be a natural at the game


This might be where covid activities slip slowly into madness, but Look!!!
We can crochet human friends for covid.

This girl knit a Ferrari…


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@mohe0001, love your crocheted blankets, and kitty!

My cat brought a dead mouse to bed a few months ago! I guess she thought I’d be proud of her handy work!

That’s horrifying. A snuggly bedtime dead vermin. Fantastic.
I have to have my dad come over and clean up the bodies - covid quarantine violation.
I can’t do it.

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