Needle in my arm and er for the 2nd time in 4 days

So, I have a needle embedded in my arm. I was taking my shot and the needle broke off. I tried to get it out and just ended up getting it deeper into my skin. I went to the ER and they said it was embedded too deep for them to take out, so I have to call a surgeon. They gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. It makes me very nervous having a needle in my arm. I am prone to complications already and I don’t want it to get infected and have my arm taken off.

Other than that I am doing much better about taking my insulin, but the food part is still not great. I’m not eating much and so my blood sugars keep dropping on me. They’re either being corrected with bingeing (like half a cake and multiple bowls of cereal) or with glucose tablets which don’t seem to work well for me. I’m really trying to get back on track and do what I can to take care of myself. I never knew that it would be this hard. Diabetes is hard work and lately a big pain.

Keep trying. Hope they get that needle out soon. Try to realize how beautiful you are and deserve to be healthy and alive. Wishing you well. And Happiness.

You’re not going to lose your arm. Have you contacted a surgeon yet? Depending on the antibiotic, BG can go high or low so test a lot.

Glucose in any form can take a while to work if your BG is continuing down. Know it’s hard to wait while low. Any form of sugary candy works (no chocolate, nothing with fat that will slow down the sugar). People use Lifesavers, Skittles, Smarties, gummy bears, jelly beans. Trick is to let it dissolve as much as possible in your mouth.

Oh Michelle, that is awful. Was it a 31 guage,not that that makes a bit of difference, but In my head it helps< haha

Can you see the needle?

I once was sewing and mowed over my finger and the needle stuck in it and broke in to in my finger, But they took it out and gave me a T shot and on my way I went.

I hope sweetie you can get this out in someones office. My Gosh… and michelle, get that cake out of your house sweetheart. You know you really know its not good for you, New beginnings:)


Cereal! What is it about that that made me eat it like crazy too!