Neuropathy Song

Swiped from disaboom Posted there by CoachMarla.

It made me giggle!!

I’ve Got Neuropathy
(Sung to the tune of “Making Whoopee”)
By: Roy C. Bennett

It’s one p.m.
I’m at the doc’s;
I’ve taken off
My shoes and socks.
He sticks a pin in;
I sit there grinnin’ –
I’ve got neuropathy.

I’m on a date,
I’m getting bold;
Instead of hot,
I’m feeling cold.
My feet are freezin’
And here’s the reason:
I’ve got neuropathy.

When there’s a fire within me
Should I feel glad or sad?
Can this be love I’m feeling
Or just a nerve gone bad?

She wants to wed;
I’m all aglow.
Should I say yes?
Should I say no?
Oh, how I tingle,
But I’ll stay single –
It’s just…neuropathy.

I’m surprised nobody has responded to this … it’s funny! The site above doesn’t work, though.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

funny song…not so funny pain…laughing is good though

Laughter, The Best Medicine.
Who has good sense of humour? The person who tells a good joke or the one who appreciates it?
But the best is one who can laugh on ones own situation.
Cudos dear LoriRode . Hats off.