Never taken Lantus?

Is there anyone else out there in TU Land that has never taken Lantus? I went straight form Humulin R and L to pumping Novolog.


Prior to pumping : Lispro and NPH ;pumping since 2001( Novo Rapid ) …Lantus not available in Canada in those days.

I’ve never taken either Lantus or NPH. Prior to pumping 20 years ago, I was a Lente/Regular gal.

The only insulins I ever used were Regular then Humalog and for the long lasting, NPH. My doc wanted me on Lantus prior to starting the pump last year but I wasn’t keen on the idea, NPH worked fine enough.

I don’t go blabbing it around, but I still take NPH (and Humalog). I started on Lantus when it first came out and gained 40 pounds of edema in 3 weeks. They thought I was in heart failure and was in the hospital for 8 days - an extremely frightening time, plus a mambo big bill. Well, turns out I was having a “reaction” to Lantus. I stopped taking it and peed away the fluid in a couple of days. I won’t go near the stuff. NPH is sort of tricky but I think I’ve cracked the code and do pretty well on it.

No lantus, here, either. I went from R and NPH to pumping. I almost went on lantus, but then switched endos and she put me on a pump instead.

So no, you are not alone!

I did 25 years on R and NPH (Beef/Pork) then to Humalog and a pump. Now, I use Novolog with my pump. Never tried Lantus. Never ever discussed it with any endo I’ve had… and I’ve had a few in my lifetime!

I did R and NPH from 1990 to 1998, then moved to Humalog, started pumping with it in 2000, then moved to Apidra in 2005. Pretty much anyone who has pumped since before 2003 probably has no or at least limited experience with Lantus.