Good news

It’s been a while since I’ve been on this site for various personal reasons (it’s nothing against any of the great people here). I’ve been trying to deal with my diabetes on my own over the past few months, and with a good mix of success and failure. I’ve been taking my medication as prescribed, I’ve been avoiding too many carbs, but I’m still not exercising and I’m very slack about using my glucometer.

Today I went to my endocrinologist and found out that my new A1c is 7.5 mmol/L (135 mg/dL). Still not perfect, but certainly an improvement from my average when I was diagnosed in October, which was 11.1 mmol/L (199.8 mg/dL). It feels good to know that I’m making the transition from sugar monger to whatever is the opposite of sugar monger. If there’s such a thing as a sugar monger…

Anyway, I feel pretty good about things, and now that I know I am capable of handling this, I think my management will only improve from here. I laugh in the face of diabetes! Except when I want ice cream and chocolate.

Congrats on the lower A1C. Even a little bit will help prevent complications. Diabetes is a rollercoaster, you can do everything right and not win.

Good for you! You’ve made great progress, considering it’s only been a few months. Small positive changes are more easy to make a permanent part of you life over the longterm, in my experience.

I think chocolate (expecially dark chocolate) is a food group unto itself, and it’s a sin to deny yourself!