New Animas Ping Remote Pictures! (Only available in Canada right now, Sorry!)

Hey All -

I'm sure someone has posted pictures/information about the new Ping Remote that was recently released in Canada, and should be coming soon to the US, but I thought that I would upload a couple of pictures. I tried to get a few comparison shots in so that you could see the few external changes that were made as most of the changes were done internally.

I received the remote this morning from Animas Canada and I must say that I'm happy to say they've fixed some of the items that I was initially concerned with:

  • The screen is now the same type as what is used in the Pump itself, and is in 4 Colours. Much easier to read, and so much better to look at.
  • I actually find the new remote to be a fair amount quicker than the old one. From startup time, to just scrolling around the menu's the unit is peppier.
  • The scrolling for adjusting your bolus no longer flies wildly out of control when you hold the button down! A huge improvement. This allows you to hit your target bolus much more easily.

The meter in the case provided by Animas, along with my Accucheck Multiclix.

Side by side comparison. (Left is the new one, Right is the old one)

On the bottom of the remote they've removed the docking port.

Nothing major different on the left and right sides. They've removed the indentations which might have been used in the past for a belt clip of sorts.

In the end they are the same housing with a new screen, and I'm assuming a better chip that allows it to function better. Overall its the same size.

Thanks for sharing! I am jealous that you Canadians already have the color one. I hope to comes soon. I prefer color than just the black.

I’m simple. I have the pump I have, but that multiclix with the white ‘body’ is easier for me to see. I wish even the little things could be done for us ‘Amurricans’ I could see the white multiclix at night and in my workplace much more easily.

We received our new Animas pump in December but it arrived with a grey-scale remote. I had heard the colour screen remotes were available in November so was a bit bummed to have received the old remote. However Animas sent out the new colour screen a few weeks later without us asking for it. We couldn’t be happier!

Oh, man. The controls when entering a bolus drive me insane, so this might be worth me getting. Thanks so much for the post!

I will just call Animas, but does anyone know how much the new remote is if I’ve had my pump for a year? They replaced mine in November but it was just the grey one.

Glad to hear they’ve fixed some problems! I use a Cozmo right now but its warranty has expired, and the new screen on the Animas remote made me decide to get this pump as I’m visually impaired, so screen contrast is a huge factor.

I’m also glad to see the Multiclix lancing device fits in the case! I use this (though mine is black) and was worried I’d have to give it up if it didn’t fit in the case, so yay!

Thank you for your post. Does the Ping have a continous glucose monitor built into it?

Not as of yet - but the capability is there. Animas is working with Dexcom to create a 4th generation sensor and hopefully have it fully integrated and FDA approved by the end of 2011. All existing Ping’s are capable of interfacing with the new CGMS once it comes out.

The screen on the new remote is far superior to the old one, and the ultra-high contrast screen should work out really well for you. I know that even I used to struggle with the old screen in certain light conditions so I can only imagine what it would be like for you.

If the Multiclix didn’t fit I would have had to make my own case. It’s just too convenient of a lancing device with its barrels to get rid of! I wish OneTouch had something similar, but until they do I’ll keep using the MultiClix as long as I can. I have 3-4 of them now, one for each meter. In case you’re curious, the MultiClix device also fits (barely) into the OneTouch UltraMini case as well (without test strips). I keep a spare lancing device with my backup meter.

Apparently the only thing holding them up from bringing Dexcom to Canada is that it uses the same radio frequency as weather balloons, or something like that … Hopefully they will use a different frequency with Animas so that it can be released in Canada at the same time as in the States. I heard from an Animas rep that it will probably cost existing users $500-700 to upgrade.

Animas is charging $159 to upgrade to the new remote, but if you’ve had issues with the old one and/or aren’t happy with it tell them and they might be willing to work with you on it.

What was it that you had to get it replaced for? If it was something that is re-occuring you might be able to convince them into giving you a new one instead. :wink:

Can the new remote execute a combo/extended bolus?

Absolutely. I use this for certain foods (like Pasta and Pizza) to help me better control the effect it has on my sugars. :slight_smile:

I heard the weather balloon thing, too. I’m hoping for the Dexcom in any form here soon, but it seems like they’ve been saying “we look forward to offering it soon” for quite some time now.

Good point! It was for “communication losses”. I do still get the meter telling me that I haven’t checked my BG for more than 15 minutes and that it can’t communicate with the pump a lot, so I’ll see what they’re willing to do.

Best of luck with getting that sorted. I can say that I’m glad I have the new meter now as it runs quicker, is easier to see, and easier to bolus on. The Animas Canada team is extremely helpful, so I’m sure they’ll come up with a solution that works for you. If you get Frank, tell him you’re calling because you read Richard’s post about the meter - I’m certain he’ll laugh. :wink:

Weather balloons? Isn’t that one of the stock answers for UFO sightings?

Seriously, I wish a lot of these companies would knock it off with the custom, proprietary re-implimentations of the wheel, and get on board with something standard, like USB. If Sony and Nintendo can do it for game controls, why not these folks? As an added bonus, if they avoided the custom wireless gear, they could use stock, off-the-shelf, pre-approved communications links, and get through government regulations faster and with a lower cost!

It is interesting to see how much these look like the OneTouch UltraSmart. Does that AccuCheck MultiClix lancing device come as part of the package? And is there something wrong with the ShiftKeys on the KeyBoards of the PeoPle who coMe up with the naMes fOr these things? :slight_smile:

Hah, TheyJustLikeToMakeThingsLookFancierThanTheyReallyAre. lol.

Nah, the Accu-chek MultiClix lancing device came with an old Accu-chek Aviva that I used before I switched to the pump. I didn't like the lancing device that came as part of the kit - it's so much easier when you can load a drum full of them instead!

I agree with standardizing some of these things. An encrypted Bluetooth connection would have done the job just as easily, and would have been more compatible across the board (and with more devices!). Not to mention being able to interface with multiple devices simultaneously, and creating a generic framework for downloading the log data wirelessly to the computer all while utilizing very, very, very little power.