New Bathroom Scales Arrived

Yesterday my new bathroom scales arrived! (see previous blog post here)

They are really cool!

I’m glad to say that they didn’t break as soon as I stood on them!! :wink:

As yet though I haven’t figured out how to get the bone mass, body fat, body water & muscle mass to work.

I thought I set it all up properly but it just gives me my weight and then an error for the rest of it (most likely I’m just too big for it to be able to figure all that other stuff out).

Oh well, as long as it gives me my weight that’s the most important thing.
It’s accuracy is great.
It gave me the exact same weight as my Endocrinologist’s medical scales did the other day.

They do kinda like the same thing the scales from The Biggest Loser do, different figures flash until it gets to your proper weight then it stops.
It holds the numbers there for about 60 seconds before it switches off which is good because if I try to look down, my tummy is so big, that I have to bend right over to be able to see the numbers and when I do that it just keeps flashing numbers and can’t give me my actual weight because you’re meant to stand up straight and still. So this way I can hop off after about 30 seconds and it’s still showing my weight.

Anyway, I’m too embarrassed to write my weight here, lets just say that I have to lose at least 60 kilos (about 130 lbs).
I’m going to set myself goals of say 10 kilos at a time that way it won’t seem so impossible to lose.
I know it is going to take me forever to lose it all but if i do it this way I guess it won’t seem so bad.

Now all I have to do is find the same will power I found several years ago when I gave up smoking!

I just don’t get it, nicotine is and addictive drug and it’s so hard to stop but I managed to quit cold turkey, why am I finding it so hard with food! It should be so much easier!

The past week or so I’ve been writing down everything I eat and I’m doing so great during the day, but it’s dinner and night time where I fail! I have to try and figure something out.

Anyways, I’m getting a bit off track here. :slight_smile:

I think I’ll weigh myself once a fortnight and maybe write the results in a blog post. Maybe that way if I haven’t lost any weight I can shame myself into doing it right! :wink: