New Beginning

I woke up early (5:55am- usually i got out of bed at 8!) today, then check my emails... found friendly and helpful comments on my blogs! thanks guys... at 7am, I check my BS it's 126! that's without pills the whole day yesterday and also without exercise, (since I am still afraid of what I had experienced the other night, when I got very low BS that made me shaky and super nervous!)

Like what my doctor told me, I should try to lower my BS by strict dieting and exercise, no pills for now... This is a new beginning for me, telling myself to exercise everyday is already a great ordeal, LOL... but my motivation is, I am telling myself... Do it not just for yourself but also for your loved-ones...

Hope and pray tomorrow I still got low BS, so I could stop taking pills, it is very expensive on our part since we are on a very tight budget. Go Go Go... we can do it!!! God bless us all!!!

Keep up the good work. If you don’t have to take pills all the better for you. I started out with not taking medication and then went to taking oral meds and now I’m on insulin (didn’t follow what my doctor told me to for four years), that’s my fault. Now I’m exercising everyday and trying to eat right. My sister wants to join the local gym (I already belong) and start going five days a week (she has gained weight since she has stopped smoking).
I told her that I would love to meet her there. I think it is good to have someone to be accountable to.
Good luck. You can do it.

thanks,:-), i started taking pills but I had episodes of hypoglycemia this past weeks. cause I am exercising now too… unlike before… living a sedentary life and love to eat and eat and eat. this morning, my BG was 110, and that’s without meds… Thanks God about it… I am losing weight too, unlike before… when I started taking meds I gained weight. Yes, we can do it!

I too led a very sedentary life, ate all the time. I now have a goal, I want to see my teenagers grow up to be aduts, go to college and maybe get married someday.
Sometime I still think, maybe I can skip my exercise today (Yeah and maybe I could go into a coma too). Life is to precious to just watch it go by. I’m ready to be a part of it. Your right “WE” can do it!!!