New Day

So, today I became a member of I am trying to come out of denial and realize there are so many more people in this world affected by this disaese like me. I will be off MDI and on the pump soon… I am currently keeping and online log book of my blood sugars. I have to meet with my Dr and Dietician one more time before I can get the pump going. I am very anxious. I have been doing alot better with my bs but I know it will be even better with the pump. It is hard for friends and family to realize it is not the end of the world and that once I get on it life will be easier and hope to keep me healthy longer. I guess when someone sees you with a tube and meter attached to your body it just screams “she is sick and dying” Although, it is just the opposite. It should scream she is diabetic and has control of it. It does not have control of her. I have heard so many times that diabetes is a manageable disease. I have so many days where that does not seem true at least it doesn’t feel manageable. I know that it could be much worse and it is for alot of people.