New Dex Software for Windows 8

Just received an email from Dex that a new version of their software is out that is compatible with Windows 8. Has anybody tried it yet? I have held off on switching to windows 8 because I didn't want to loose the software and am curious if the new software works as claimed.

Just downloaded it and all my old information is still their just able to finally download with out a work around!

Software works great! Also, if you need some "old school" in Windows 8, just go to and download Classic Shell. It will add an older Start Menu to Windows 8 and you can work either old fashion or new Modern UI. That alone makes Windows 8 worth every bit of an upgrade. Lots of other good stuff on, just note you don't need Flash for I.E. and you don't need an anti-virus (though there are many options there too.) Windows 8 already has these two built in.

I also just installed it. This is actually my first experience with the software, I hadn't used it previously, but it does indeed work great.

Just tried it. Worked with windows 8.1. Thanks DEXCOM.

is there another version of the software for windows 7? I can't seem to get the drivers to work. sigh using VMware, with windows 7. I have not had issues with other stuff, just this so I don't believe it is because I am running vmware.