New Diabetic Struggling

I was diagnoised two days ago as a type 2 diabetic with an A1C of 6.8. I know a lot about taking care of a type 1 brittle diabetic, my late husband (died 3 1/2 years ago :() had it. But this is different and oh so scary! I was always hypoglycemic so this came as a total shock. I have bipolar, severe depression, BPD, anxiety, and an eating disorder. I am down as bulimic, i just asked for help on Monday which is why they did blood work. I have not purged since. I am not your normal bulimic. I either starve myself or eat very little and purge. I was taken off my bipolar med (rexulti) but left on my other psych meds, on weds cold turkey so have not had it since Tuesday and am already spiraling. My doctor thinks she over rides my shrink on my meds and he said we have to play along for now. She wants to see if my sugar goes down without the rexulti (my miracle med :() and see where my sugars at then. For one, she is not a shrink and should NOT be messing with those meds, Two, she only has seen me 3 times i am a new patient to her, and Three, i am on a low dose of rexulti not enough to elevate sugars even my shrink told her that but she refused to even wean me off. I am so depressed as it is from finding out im diabetic and then being pulled off the med i need most? The diabetes explains a LOT. I have had almost constant UTIs since Christmas, and just found out i have yet another and i just got a clear urine 2 weeks ago when i got over pneumonia. I am having heart issues (i am only 31 years old), I can NOT lose weight normally but lately its dropping like crazy 48 lbs in 4 months, i always have to pee, and i am always thirsty. Constant headaches. the list goes on. I do not know where to post on here, its been awhile since i was active on here while my late husbands caregiver and its all changed. I just really need friends who under stand :frowning:

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Sorry :frowning: Your prior experience should help a lot though! When you get your blood glucose under control I think it will help with a lot of other problems (e.g. heart, definitely with the thirst and peeing).

What kind of meds are you on for the diabetes?

Losing weight is a common symptom of type 1’s so you might ask to be tested for it.

Good luck, there is a great support community here.

Seconding what @Kenrick said: you should push to get tested for T1. The weight loss thing is more a T1 signal than T2, and the fact that you’re 31 has nothing to do with the diagnosis though SOOOOO many Dr’s still seem to be stuck on “mature” vs “juvenile” even though that was recognized as nonsense decades ago. I was 28 when I was dx’d T1, rapid onset, probably triggered by immune system overreacting to a nasty virus–a very typical pattern. They can TEST for T1–T2 is just kind of a “not T1” grab bag–and too many people older than in their teens (and even some of them!) have suffered under misdiagnosis for a long (dangerous) time to just take the T2 dx as a given, with the symptoms you describe.

I’m so sorry that you are going through this.

Is the doctor who is taking you off your Rexulti your PCP or an Endocrinologist?

I agree that your doc shouldn’t be messing with your psych meds. I’m surprised that the shrink is willing to just go along with pulling a med that is helping you. Even IF that med is raising your blood sugar, to this layman the answer would seem to be doing what’s necessary to get the BG under control, not disrupting another therapy for an unrelated condition that is doing its job.

And as others have said, you need a clear diagnosis. Most doctors will assume that an adult with diabetic symptoms is T2 without doing the due diligence to find out the truth. Sounds like you may have one of those. And we all know about the word “assume”, don’t we?

I, and many others here, understand your fear, frustration, and loss of control. I’m sorry you find yourself in such a tough situation.

There are many of us here who are ready and willing to listen if you need to talk. :slight_smile:

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Sorry it took me so long to reply back to all of you, and thank you for all your responses! I landed in teh ER last night i was losing my mind, literally and i couldnt stay still i couldnt stand my own thoughts. I am now back on my rexulti and was given 2mg of ativan i am still feeling drugged. My dr decided i need to be on it again after only 2 days off of it. I will type more later, Sugars are just under 200 today :frowning:

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My PCP who i have only known since May is the one that took me off my rexulti. I am still having issues and i been back on it since Thursday night, only two missed doses really messed me up. I am on no diabetes meds yet, was trying diet first but my sugars are 90 precent of the time around 200 and up. Calling first thing tomorrow. I am very emotional right now as well because of finding out im diabetic, i keep crying and just feeling like its just one more thing, its like the straw that broke the camels back. My health is already bad i did NOT need this on top of it :frowning:

I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this and for the loss of your husband.

I’m glad you are back on your med. IMO your doctor made a big mistake to take you off of that cold turkey. That is a big stress on your body and everything else. If you do ever want to stop it do it gradually. I was on low dose elavil for chronic pain years ago and then I just stopped it on my own cold turkey. Big mistake- I went through an awful withdrawal like phase and lost 15 pounds. I believe that drug messed up my whole endocrine system now so I wish I had not taken it at all. I can’t tolerate any of those drugs anymore now because they give me terrible side effects.

I would definitely get the antibody testing, see what type you are and then go from there with the diabetes treatment. At least since you cared for your husband you have a good knowledge of what to do for him and you can adapt that for yourself hopefully. I’m glad you came here for support. Hugs to you.:relaxed:

Hello Angie:

Its been four months since you posted about your diagnosis. Just checkin in, how are things?