New doc...same ole thing


I decided to go ahead and start the blog thing here :)

Saw the new doc today and he put me back on Byetta. So I start the 5 pen again tomorrow morning. The funny thing is that he is telling me to maintain ALL of my current meds as well and then as I start having hypos, we'll decide what to toss. He gave me a sliding scale for the regular insulin. My fastings have been good since I started the regular insulin: 80's to 120, which doc says is perfect. My 2 hour PP's are the problem...well over the 200 mark and that is with about 12grams carbs for breakfast and maybe 16 each for lunch and dinner. This doc said "Don't worry about PP's yet". Let's get your A1c right then we'll adjust for PPs. First doc to ever tell me that. Also, he wants me to follow the ADA diet and quit low carbing it. Wanted me to do 1800 calories...I laughed at him. He got offended, but I'm sorry. I barely get 1000 calories in now, so he gave me the 1200 and 1500 and told me to compromise. I have no idea how I am going maintain a decent A1c with all those carbs, but at this point I'll try because I am just sick of being sick.

Here is another doc who can't understand why a relatively young (I was 37 at diagnosis) and 41 now - shutup...I am relatively young :D who is relatively active (work out in the pool at least 3 x week, walk 30 minutes 3 x week, strength train at least 2 x week) is overweight and has a raging case of diabetes that no one can treat. So of course, another round of extensive (not to mention, expensive) lab work that will show nothing out of the ordinary. I really am very tired of telling everyone (docs) that yes, I have been tested for Cushing's Disease and no, I don't have it.