New Easy to Remember URL for my Diabetes Web Site

The “What They Don’t Tell You” web site was getting busy enough that I figured it was time to buy it its own URL, so I did.

The site is still physically located on the web pages with the old address, so all the old links will continue to work, but you can now also reach the site by going to .

The good thing about this is that I’ll finally be able to give people the URL in conversation with some chance that they might remember it. The old one was MUCH too long. I renamed the site to match the URL, too. “Blood Sugar 101” instead of “What They Don’t Tell You About Diabetes.” The only downside is that people may think from the new title that the subject matter there is too elementary, which of course it isn’t.

It took almost 2 hours of trying every possible URL I could think of to find one that wasn’t already in use. Weasels have bought up all the possible diabetes names I could think of, even if they aren’t using them for a site. That this one was not in use was a near miracle.


I will update the link on TuDiabetes shortly…