New exercise

I bought a new pair of running shose today and wanting to start running. I have been walking sence I started the pump last year. I am wanting to train to run a 3K fun run Thanksgiving day. I had some disconfort in my legs while doing a little running tonight. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Andy,

Check out this Most running injuries come from too much too soon, and most people stop running before they really ever get started because of this. Following a plan similar to the above link and modifying it to your needs can really help. My hubby did it, and has run several 5K’s now. I’m not exactly sure how I got started running, but definitely started with a run/walk combination. Have run many 5K’s one 10K, and hope to complete a half marathon soon. Good luck, and hope you grow to love running.

Great idea!! Starting running can be painful for your legs… so it’s good to start gradually and not do anything too intensive right away.

STRETCHING is so important. Even stopping during your run to stretch and hold each stretch for at least 20 seconds.

Also, watch out for shin splints. I get them everytime that I start running after a long break-- and they are painful. Ice your legs if you feel sharp pain (other than muscle pain). I like to use a bag of frozen peas for icing my shins if I feel signs of shin splints.

Keep it up!