New here but a type 1 veteran

Hey there everyone!

I thought I might introduce myself! My name is Anna Jääskeläinen and I am from Finland.
I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 11 years old. I didn´t really take the news well and I found it really hard to cope with being diabetic. Since diabetes affects all the hormonal activity in the body I had a lot of moodswings and hard times when I was in my teens. I actually tried commiting suicide by taking an overdose of insulin at the age of 12 because I became so depressed. Obviously not only because of the diabetes but other things aswell. I had a really bad hypoglycemia and barely got through the experience alive.

So my heart goes out to all young people with type 1 diabetes who struggle to keep it under control. The truth is that it can be hard work to keep well and in balance. It takes a lot of devotion and motivation to cope with all the bloodsugar testing and picking insulin. I don´t think it´s the picking that´s ever the hardest thing about being diabetic, it´s more the constant awareness of your sugarlevels and making sure you take the time to check them and adjust your insulin dosage that feels hard. Diabetics need the support of their close friends and family to learn how to cope with it. That is something I would like to put more resources into.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is especially important to diabetics as a bad balance affects everything in life. Moods, the bodys ability to heal, infections, social relationships and work etc.

I think it´s great that there is a community online for diabetics to get know eachother! I look forward to reading the thoughts of others and their experiences and also the advice on how to cope with being diabetic.

/ Anna

WELCOME!!! I understand everything ur talking about. I'm now 48 but got d when I was 10 and had many, many of those feelings ur talking about.My mom was the one in my family who helped me keep it together when she passed I was so lost Yeah I had 2 children (teens) and of course my dad was still there and my husband but none of them knew very much about diabetes and me. My daughter took Type 1 also about 5 years b/f my mom died but I still felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Now she's gotten married and has given me 3 of the greatest g-kids that ever exsisted (atleast to me) I call them The 5 and Under Crew. The oldest one is 5 the middle one is 3 1/2 and my grandson will be 2 in January. Yep proud Nanny here! LOL!

Thanks for your reply!
Sounds like you have had a lot to struggle with too. :( But I am glad to hear that you have your children and grandchildren to motivate you :) I don´t know what I will do when my mother passes away. She has been my rock all this time. :) Im 27 now but very very single. Hope to get a family of my own one day too. :)

Keep up the good work here on TuDiabetes!

Your welcome. Yes the struggles were there, but like u say I had 2 kids then 3 g-kids to motivate me and they helped alot! Mom's are great!!! I still tell ppl that mine was the bestest mom that ever existed!

Welcome! I think many of us felt alone and isolated when we were first diagnosed. I think many here will understand your story and have gone through similar times in their lives. We no longer need to feel alone and isolated, we can reach out and interact with the millions of other people with diabetes. And for many of us, while we seek support for ourselves, we also heal ourselves by reaching out and trying to help others.

Thanks for the reply BSC! :) Thats true! I sometimes almost feel like it is too late to take good care of myself anymore with having had a Hba1c over 10 % for the last 10 years. I suffer from complications like kidney problems and heart problems. But I try anyway. And more than anything I wish to support others so they don´t get the same complications. :)

I think we all can feel frustration at times. But taking good care of ourselves "always" makes a difference. I have not always made the best decisions in the past, but I always want to wake up and look myself in the mirror and feel good about myself. I can't do that if I don't take good care of myself.

ps. And do look around, read posts, look through the groups. There are others here who struggle with lots of different things (as well sharing the joys in our lives). Some of us struggle with be kidney issues, eating issues and of course the daily struggle of blood sugar control.

Thanks for sharing your story!

Hi Anna -

Welcome. I hope TuD can become one of the communities where you feel comfortable and can find support for the day to day grind of dealing with diabetes. I've found it a great help.

Wishing you only the best,



I was dx type 1 28 years ago at age 10. I too went through YEARS of rebelling, resenting, wanting to be and eat and do like my friends and NOT wanting to be different. Doing it all my way, and is just by some stroke of good luck I have come out of it basically free of complications. It is really hard I think as a child and teenager, and over 28 years I think I've only known a handful of other diabetics and most of them being type 2's.

This really has a way of making you feel isolated at times which I think online communities such as this is a wondeful thing, you KNOW your not alone, I think we've all been there and done that at one point in time or another, and just having that support from those who know when your having a really bad day, or people who get it when something goes really well is just amazing. A lot of people just have no idea how complicated this all is, and the daily struggle unless they are in this situation too.

Best wishes and good luck, glad you are here.

Anna - Welcome to our online D group! You have had a hard time of it being diagnosed at such a young age. I think I would have had much the same troubles but I was not diagnosed until I was 30. Don’t let being single make your D struggle any harder than it already is.

I’ve been married and I’m happily single now. I’ve learned over the years that neither being married nor being single is perfect. Life has its struggles no matter how you go through it. Neither situation, in and of itself, will make you happy. That is up to you. In fact, being a happy single person is probably the best way to attract the attention of a potential life partner!

Good luck to you. I hope to see you back here!

Welcome Anna- So glad you chose to join us on TuD. We are here to listen to you, and to give you any advice you might want to have. We all understand what you are going thru b/c we are going thru it too. If you have any questions, just ask. Our members are always happy to help a newbie learn what information we have to offer.

Hi Anna...CAN NOT imagine dealing with this as a child, teenager, young adult (I was 50) sounds like you are doing a good job. This is a great place for advice and support. Good luck to you. PS We have had discussions before about the seemingly large number of us Scandinavians with T1......