New idea for a low carb snack

I have not hear of anyone else hear trying this so thought I might share and maybe it will help another mom or dad. Tried this today and my kids loved it! Plain yogurt with one of the individual drink flavor packets mixed in. One son chose a raspberry lemonade and another had raspberry lime green tea and the other had grape. Most of the packets are no carb or just 1 and the yogurt was only 6 carbs and is balanced due to the protein.

This idea was from a non-D friend who is trying to eat low carb.

That’s a good idea. Dannon Light and Fit makes a 3 carb yogurt which would lower it even more!

What a great idea! There are also lite and fit low carb “diabetic friendly” yogurts that are only three grams of carb. I have seen them in vanilla and strawberry. They are good, though a little thin in texture.