Low carb. food finds of the week

  1. Dannon low carb. yogurt - 3 grams of carb. in a 4 ounce serving
    LAND O LAKES™ Whipped Light Cream - 2 tbsp. (6 grams) contain 1 g of carb. and 15 calories
    3. Stevia and almond flour are now available at Trader Joe’s
    4. Baking dark chocolate bars are great for low-carb chocolate fixes
    5. Swiss Miss Low Carb Hot Chocolate -1 serving(to make 1 cup of hot chocolate) has 10 grams of carbs
    6. Hunt’s No Sugar Added Snack Pack (Vanilla and Chocolate) has 8 grans of carb. per cup


You can cut the carbs even further with cocoa you make yourself. Buy Hershey’s Dutched cocoa or another brand of dutched cocoa. Mix 2 tsps of cocoa with a teaspoon or so of the DaVinci sugar free syrup we discussed in another message. Slowly add a couple tbs of half and half while stiring until smooth. Then pour in boiling water.

It’s a bit different in flavor than the commercial stuff, but it is much healthier as it is without the chemicals and full of the real cocoa phytochemicals.

And it is only about 2 grams of carb.

Check out my recipe page at http://geocities.com/jenny_the_bean/recipes.htm for some more low carb treats.

I think today might be the day I move that site to a phlaunt.com site and spiff it up.