New Journey

I finished most of the things I needed to finalize my move. I’m moving to a more affordable place.

I learned last week that the insurance of the company I work for has a “pre-existing condition” clause on their policy. That means that they will not cover the cost of treating my diabetes for one year after I join. It is very discouraging. If I wasn’t in a big financial bind, I’d pay for the insurance and wait for the year to be up. But I am not sure that I will stay with this company. With that in mind, paying $25/week for insurance that I can’t use for the treatment of my diabetes is a waste of money. In addition to that the plan does not have a co-pay for doctor visits. It pays 80/20 AFTER I pay my annual deductable. (But then, it won’t pay for the doctor visit if it is for the purpose of treating diabetes.)

I do plan on saving that $25/week in a separate bank account, and then I will go to my doctor when I have enough money saved up to pay for the visit. Since my doctor visits are about every 4 months, I am probably going to be saving money this way.

As far as medications are concerned, I see that many places have deals where you pay $25 and you are able to purchase prescription drugs (generic) for like $4 - $5. Just like the insurance. Oh. The insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the diabetes prescriptions for one year.

Yeah, I think I’m going to be saving a lot of money WITHOUT insurance.