New Medtronic pump to come out later this year

I just got off the phone with my pump trainer and she said that Medtronic will have a Pod system available later this year. She believes that the cannula and the pod will be a separate system. That is what they have said so unless it gets changed before it is marketed.


I don’t want to be a smart-a@@ here but back last year my MM trainer told me that MM was working on a pump that also has a CGM on it. Is that the samething? I guess I’d better call him and find out what’s going on b/c I was waiting on that one but if this one is about the same I might want to try it without the benifit of insurance!!! OK will have to ask a bank for money but still…

The 522 and the 722 have the Paradigm real time system in it. You just have to buy the sensors for the cgms. In fact that is why I called my trainer as I am getting my lawsuit check this week and I want to get the CGMS.

OK thanks I didn’t want to sound like I knew everything here but I wanted to know what I was missing! I have a 722 maybe I need to talk to him about getting the sensers for the CMG.

Hmm… sounds cool!

Would the pod also work with the CGMS??

I’m so used to having the pump attached to me… it would be weird to not have the tubing. But I guess that even I could get used to it. I think that I will be switching to Minimed in January. Probably the 722.

Medicare/Medicaid will not cover the CGMS yet. I am paying out of pocket for mine, it is about $1000 start up cost.

She didn’t say if the CGMS would work with it or not.

Medicaid where? My CalOPTIMA is our Medic-Cal (Medicaid) also co covered with other networks (Kaiser, BCBS, UCMG, Anthem, Monarch, etc…) like mine: United Care Medical Group, and they covered CGMS. Appeal, appeal, appeal? No, it was GRANTED!

I didn’t actually have to Appeal, this was a go right away! Surprised the heck out of me. I think it is where you’re at, and if you’re in the Cal Optima system, THEY do not, but the co-network in Cal Optima, may well do it. Thing is to just put in for them. Have Minimed do it. These ppl have folks who speak the language and get things done.Animas, Deltec, Abbott, MMM, just go for it and there may be surprises.

I am new to pumping so have been to the dr. office a lot recently to talk to the educator there. As I was deciding I had narrowed it down between the minimed b/c of the cgm and the Omnipod b/c no tubes. She mentioned she had seen a presentation of the new system very similar to the Omnipod. That’s all I needed to hear to go with the minimed. As much as I like the idea of having no tubes, getting a cgm integrated with the pump is more important to me. And looks like the down road maybe an “upgrade” to a pod like system. Who really know when though? Don’t hold your breath!

Well that kinda done it for me! Those insruances are for it for me! HA! Can’t afford $1000 a month when only getting $491! No bank will talk to me either I have what I have already paid for and don’t want to go there!!! HA!!

Medicare will flat out refuse it. They won’t even let you try an appeal. My Medcaid only picks up what Medicare won’t.

My pump trainer works for Medtronic so I would trust her judgement. I asked her that I heard Medtronic was coming out with a new pump, and that is when she told me that it is the pod system and she has seen the prototype for it

It isn’t a secret, they have told the press about it. It is supposed to hit Europe first then the states.

Just curious…why do you think she showed a lack of judgment by talking about an upcoming product? And it certainly doesn’t sound like a reason to be fired… :confused:

Well if you read it then why do you think she showed lack of judgement or wasn’t allowed to talk about it as you knew it had already hit the presses about it.

Well she works for Medtronic so she would know. Still doesn’t explain why you think she showed lack of judgement for telling me about something that has already made it to the presses about a tubeless system.

Yeah…I am interested in the answer to that also…

first i’ve heard of it

Doris, I am in the process of my upgrade and I was told that your Doc needs to sign a letter of medical necessity and it needs to be between you and the Doc as to whether or not you want it, but health insurance should pay for the CGM. I’m not interested in having a second line hooked up to me for the purpose of glucose monitoring (go to the website and you can see it…), I check my glucose a ridiculous number of times and always know which way it’s heading…

Kristin, let me know how it works out for you if you go with the mm pod! I loved not having the tubing, but OmniPods are extremely unreliable. I would love to hear how more reliable pumping technology deals with “patch pumps”. Please keep me posted!