New Omnipod user--help! Questions!

My 9 year old daughter has been on the Omnipod for three weeks. Every time she swims it seems the pod gets heavy/waterlogged and the cannula comes out.
Does anyone have any recommendations for us? She is convinced that it is NOT waterproof.

Do most of you wear an arm band over the pod? Where do you get them and are they useful? Are they worn in water?

Also, today was a very humid day and when I changed the pod the edges almost immediately just curled up and it ultimately slipped off within ten minutes. I have heard of using anti-perspirant on the site. Does anyone do this? Does anyone have a brand name of an organic anti-perspirant for this use? I imagine that anti-p/Deodorant is not the right thing?

Thank you very much---we are new at this and finding it a little bit of a struggle.

I don't have the pod, but I did notice this picture this afternoon, and he mentioned the word "waterproof"

I haven't done a lot of swimming with the pod, so maybe some swimmers can comment on what they use. But I know the pod is often used by swimmers and people that do triathlons. It is absolutely waterproof in the sense that water will not get inside the unit per themanufacturer specs ( ithink for a certain depth and amount of time in water)...but the key is getting a good seal with the skin so the unit doesn't fall off.

As far as the humidity and heat are concerned, I find for me the best product is skin -Prep which is like an sterile alcohol pad, but is "stickier" I wipe the area where I'm going to place the pod with a alcohol pad to clean the area and remove any oils that might be on the skin. I let that dry quick and then use the skin prep pad which I also let sit for a minute before sricking the pod on. When I use the skin prep product, I never have a pod fall off.

Both the omnipod and the minimed websites have documentation on tips for adhesion. Some of this is experimentation on which product works best on your skin and doesn't cause irritation, etc.. I doubt that an anti-perpsirant of any kind is the answer

while you don't use the minimed pump, check out their website since the online store has a lot of the products that people use to get an unfusion set or pod to stay on. You'll see the skin prep product there both in a regular and non-stinging version. I dont find the regular stings anyway and actually the non-stinging version didn't work for me....the infusion set would fall off when I was a minimed customer.


Thank you so much--that photo was so encouraging and I have ordered that tape!

Thank you, Mike. I ordered the skin prep and will try kinesio tape. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.

My daughter is 6 and wears her pod in the pool pretty much every day for hours on end. What we’ve found works is we use skin-prep wipes first, then put pod on, then put a piece of hypafix tape (1x5") across the part where the pod goes from skinny to fat. Then I take tegaderm and cut a hole out of the middle using an old pod as a templat and place it over the entire thing so the tegaderm reinforces the pod adhesion as well as the hypa-fix tape.